What Restaurant Operators Can Expect on Thanksgiving

Technomic shares insights as to what consumers are planning for next week’s holiday.

Photo courtesy of Adobe Stock.

Consumers who plan to get food from a restaurant this Thanksgiving will most likely dine in (47%) versus get carryout (27%), according to Technomic. That’s a shift from 2022, when only 21% of consumers planned to dine-in and 39% aimed to get carryout.

Technomic recently posted the infographic “Thanksgiving Foodservice Trends to Watch” on its social media platforms. Here are a few other insights:

  • 94% of consumers say they celebrate Thanksgiving
  • 63% say their gathering will be the same size as last year; 9% say their gathering will be larger than last year (down from 13%)
  • 23% say they would be likely to purchase a full, ready-made Thanksgiving meal for pickup from a restaurant (down from 29%)
  • 22% of consumers will use food from restaurants for at least part of their Thanksgiving meal (down from 29%); among these consumers, most will get sides (45%), desserts (41%) and entree items (40%)

All comparisons are to 2022. A Technomic October 2023 Omnibus consumer survey served as the source for the infographic.


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