Customer Facing Technology

Introducing the Clean Team

Operators create company positions dedicated to safety, cleanliness and sanitization.

3 Touchless Experiences Customers Want from Restaurants

While states and individual restaurants are varied in their approach to reopening restaurants, many customers agree on what makes them feel comfortable when ordering takeout from or dining at a restaurant.

5 Things That Must Happen for Robots to Catch On in the Kitchen

Here’s a look at five predictions from manufacturers, operators and other industry experts.

Reimagining the Drive-Thru

Take a look at what operators around the world are doing to push the drive-thru into the future, from pickup-only lanes with no menu boards, to AI and geolocation technology.

From The Editor: The Rise and Fall of Robots

Will robots really revolutionize restaurants? New products point to yes, while some notable closings raise questions.

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