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Food On The Move

Heated transport carts and mobile hot holding cabinets help you deliver hot product from your kitchen to almost anywhere.

Hot Mobile Cabinet Gallery

This month we take a look at hot mobile cabinets, heated transport carts and banquet carts used to transport or bulk or plated food. In gallery below we do not include units designed for healthcare meal transport; we’ll cover those models another time. We invited major suppliers of heated carts and similar mobile units to…

High-Efficiency Water Heaters Make The Grade

If you're a full-service restaurant, you could save big on energy costs each year by replacing standard waters heaters with high-efficiency ones. The ROI is real, says the Food Service Technology Center.

Deli Select

In the market for slicers? Check out these tips and see how the latest slicer options stack up to what you need.

Blast Chilling, Your Way

Newer midsize blast chillers cool food quickly and easily to save time, enhance product quality and improve food safety. Here's how to spec reach-in or roll-in models with capacities of 100 lbs. to 200 lbs.

Blast Chiller Gallery

Welcome to thisproduct gallery, focused on blast chillers with capacities of 100 lbs. to 200 lbs., both reach-in and roll-in models. In June 2009 we invited suppliers to submit their newest or most significant units, and these nine companies took up our offer. If you need something different—say an undercounter model or something with greater…

Culver’s, Condensed

A condensed new prototype—with an upgraded kitchen package and totally revamped exterior and interior—helps Culver's operators cut costs while delivering a wow factor for guests.

Fryer Spec Improves Efficiency Tests

Almost exactly two years after the Energy Star program for solid-door refrigerators was launched, and literally two weeks after the new standard for steamers had been unveiled, it was fryers’ turn. The new specs were finalized in mid-August of 2003 and announced the following month at the North American Association of Food Equipment Manufacturers’ biennial…

Holding Cabs: Hot And Efficient

When it comes to hot food holding cabinets, your Energy Star options have been available since 2003. The Environmental Protection Agency began researching the hot cabs market in ’02 and the specification became effective in August the following year. EPA’s official launch came at the The NAFEM Show in ’03. And this is a category…

Warewashers Welcome The ‘Star

An obvious energy target, one using a lot of fuel and losing a lot of it in the form of heat gain, warewashers had to be addressed sooner or later. In October 2007, just in time for the North American Association of Food Equipment Manufacturers� NAFEM Show in Atlanta that year, Energy Star finalized its…

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