Hot Mobile Cabinet Gallery

This month we take a look at hot mobile cabinets, heated transport carts and banquet carts used to transport or bulk or plated food. In gallery below we do not include units designed for healthcare meal transport; we’ll cover those models another time.

We invited major suppliers of heated carts and similar mobile units to submit their products, and these are the makers who took up our offer. Below you’ll find details on nine models, each with different features to suit both heavy- and light-duty needs.

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Note: Supplier statements are not to be taken as editorial endorsements.

Model: 1000-BQ2/96
Style: Hot Holding Banquet Cart

  • Hot holding: 60°F to 200°F
  • Capacity, 12" x 20" pans: 2 per shelf with a maximum of 16 shelves 10" plates with covers: 96
  • Construction: all stainless steel; fully insulated
  • Handles: mounted on right side.
  • Bumpers: full perimeter.
  • Additional: offers adjustable, electronic thermostat with digital display to monitor inside air temperature; can accommodate a variety of pan sizes in addition to plates.

Supplier statement: Every banquet benefits with the service of fresh, piping-hot foods. Alto-Shaam mobile banquet carts can provide that benefit and offer extended holding capability for the widest variety of hot food holding needs. Offered in model capacities of 96, 128 or 192 plated meals, banquet carts are available with optional covered or uncovered plate carriers. Alto-Shaam says these carts are also ideally suited to accommodate a variety of pans for buffet service backup needs. The Halo Heat feature maintains even holding temperatures from top to bottom, without drying food out.

Model: UPCH800 H-Series
Style: Hot Holding Carriers

  • Hot holding: 150°F to 165°F
  • Capacity, 12" x 20" pans: 12
  • Construction: polyethylene exterior; thick foam insulation.
  • Handles: molded in.
  • Bumpers: molded in.
  • Additional: InsulationVent cap equalizes pressure and releases steam; single 9" nylon latch provides quick and secure opening/closing.

Supplier statement: Cambro says the H-Series Carrier does the job of two products. It transports food safely and it holds food safely. Also, the durability of plastic elevates the value of this product. H-Series Carriers maintain safe food temperatures for several hours when plugged in and the thick polyurethane foam insulation retains temperatures for hours—even when the unit is unplugged. Three-minute temperature recovery ensures that food will stay safe—even with frequent opening and closing. Ultra energy efficient and Energy Star approved, all H-Series models operate on less energy than three standard 100 watt light bulbs, according to Cambro.

Model: EnduraHeat SR1820
Style: Heated Transport Carts

  • Hot holding: 200°F
  • Capacity, 18" x 26" pans: 12 12" x 20" pans: 24
  • Construction: all stainless steel; fiberglass, 2"-thick wraparound-type insulation.
  • Handles: ergonomically curved and bolted to all four corners for easy maneuvering.
  • Bumpers: full perimeter.
  • Additional: removable baffles and sides for easy cleaning; blower system for fast heating, recovery and even heat distribution throughout cabinet.

Supplier statement: EnduraHeat Transport Carts feature a unique patented heat retention technology. After charging the heating system for an hour, the cabinet can be unplugged and moved anywhere, and keep food at serving temperature for 2 hrs., without electricity or canned fuel. The carts save labor, electricity and your food quality, since there are no hot or cold spots. And since you don’t have to use canned fuel to transport long distance, you save money and eliminate the risk of fire associated with open flames in cabinets. EnduraHeat carts were honored with a 2008 Kitchen Innovations Award from the National Restaurant Association, and these cabinets are Energy Star certified.

Model: Model H-137-UA-12C
Style: Insulated Hot Carts

  • Hot holding: 200°F
  • Capacity, 18" x 26" pans: 12 12" x 20" pans: 24
  • Construction: noncorrosive, high-tensile aluminum; fiberglass, 1�"-thick insulation in doors, 2"-thick in sidewalls.
  • Handles: recessed push/pull design.
  • Bumpers: optional corner and perimeter bumpers.
  • Additional: self-contained power top allows interior to be hosed out during cleaning; positive catch secures doors during transport; extended base protects cabinet during transport; unit can also accept 22" x 20" and 10" x 20" pans and 14" x 18" service trays.

Supplier statement: In an era when employees in the foodservice business are pressed for time and space, Cres Cor offers more than 100 hot holding cabinets with high energy efficiency ratings, durability and size options. Cabinets are offered in many different widths, a variety of interior pan configurations, and with or without humidity. All come with Energy Star approvals. With field-reversible doors and antimicrobial handles, Cres Cor’s hot holding cabinets are certain to fulfill your needs in the most difficult space requirements. Need mobility? Cres Cor’s heavy-duty construction can handle it!

Model: EG60.27A
Style: Transport Heated/Proofing Cabinet

  • Hot holding: 200°F
  • Capacity, 18" x 26" pans: 24 12" x 20" pans: 12 or 36 (depending on cabinet width)
  • Construction: aluminum exterior and interior; insulated and non-insulated.
  • Handles: mounted either side.
  • Bumpers: full perimeter.
  • Additional: bottom-mount control panel and heating system; ability to hold humidity levels up to 4 hrs. without refilling the reservoir.

Supplier statement: Eagle Group’s Heated Cabinets feature Temp-Gard, a patented airflow design that circulates air via holes strategically spaced and sized in specially designed channels mounted to the insides of the cabinets. Air circulates for a consistent temperature throughout the cabinet with minimal air leakage, says Eagle. A 2000W heating capacity ensures the cabinet will reach the proper air temperature quickly. Insulated models feature 1�" thick TIW Type 1 rated at 1000°F. All Eagle Group’s insulated cabinet models are Energy Star certified. Full 270° door swing, interior structural frame and perimeter bumpers are standard on all cabinets.

Model: UHS-12 HDM with X-Factor Frame
Style: Transport Cabinet

  • Hot holding: 90°F to 190°F
  • Capacity, 18" x 26" pans: 12 12" x 20" pans: 24
  • Construction: heliarc-welded, single-unit stainless steel; fiberglass insulation throughout.
  • Handles: heavy-duty push-bars mounted at each end of unit; rear-mounted tubular stainless handle allows for full-grip navigation through narrow passageways; optional recessed hand grips.
  • Bumpers: full perimeter, extends beyond doors, handles, etc., for added protection; optional top perimeter.
  • Additional: built-in Humi-Temp system includes a nickel-chromium alloy heating element and self-lubricated, impedance-protected fan-cooled blower motor.

Supplier statement: Introduced at The NAFEM Show earlier this year, the UHS-12 HDM with X-Factor Frame comes with heavy-duty, all stainless steel, fully welded unibody construction. Cabinets are built to withstand the everyday rigor of rough handling. FWE’s welded base frame is built for long-lasting durability. Caster Stress Plates are welded to the base frame and absorb shock when moving the cabinet from one location to another. FWE cabinets are fully insulated (top, bottom, sides, and door) to retain cabinet heat and maintain constant temperatures, keeping energy efficient, and they are Energy Star certified. Even the base is insulated to maintain heat within the cabinet.

Model: C5 3 Series Insulation Armour
Style: Heated Holding and Proofing Cabinets

  • Hot holding: 200�F
  • Capacity, 18" x 26" pans: 18 12" x 20" pans: 34
  • Construction: polymer that is dent, impact and stain resistant; patented insulation technology retains heat, saves energy and provides a cool-to-touch exterior.
  • Handles: molded-in hand holds create vertical handles for mobile applications.
  • Bumpers: Insulation Armour acts as a full-body bumper, eliminating the need for externally mounted bumpers.
  • Additional: all modules are removable without tools to ease interior cleaning; module upgrades or changes can be made without cabinet body replacement.

Supplier statement: Metro’s patented Insulation Armour cabinets are now available in a host of eye-popping special colors and include red, blue and gray as standard colors. Choose from our pallet to match the d�cor and taste of any operation, or color code holding cabinets for a smarter, more organized system. The units combine insulation technology with advanced design features to keep food safe, make handling easier, and protect the environment with lower energy usage, says InterMetro. Lower energy costs, built-in handles and bumpers, and cool-to-touch surfaces combine to redefine what operators should expect out of a mobile heated holding cabinet.

Model: 16509
Style: Heated Cabinet for Sheet Pans

  • Hot holding: 180°F
  • Capacity, 18" x 26" pans: 17 18" x 13" pans: 34
  • Construction: all stainless steel; insulated models have fiberglass insulation throughout; non-insulated models have fiberglass in door.
  • Handles: recessed on either side.
  • Bumpers: bottom corners; full perimeter optional.
  • Additional: heavy-duty blower distributes hot air evenly throughout the cabinet; can be used with or without humidity.

Supplier statement: Lakeside’s heated transport cabinets ensure proper temperature maintenance, even during peak serving periods. Casters are mounted to a reinforcement plate for added durability and to handle the impact over thresholds. Units incorporate a heavy-duty blower that evenly distributes hot air throughout the cabinet, says Lakeside, which reduces hot spots and ensures a quality product. Heat controls are conveniently located on the outside of the cabinet, and a full-pan top and bottom design provides added durability during offsite transport. Single- and double-door versions are available and all can be used with or without humidity. To ease cleaning the heating unit is removable. Units are NSF and UL listed.

Model: VHFA18
Style: Non-insulated Holding & Transport Cabinet

  • Hot holding: 190°F
  • Capacity, 18" x 26" pans: 18 12" x 20" pans: 36
  • Construction: stainless steel cabinet; polycarbonate doors.
  • Handles: none needed; unit remains cool enough to roll without an oven mitt.
  • Additional: top-mounted, recessed control panel; cabinet reaches holding temperature quickly while offering Energy Star efficiency; fan and air tunnel provide even heat distribution and quick recovery after opening door.

Supplier statement: Vulcan introduced its newest holding cabinet at The NAFEM Show earlier this year. The VHFA18 is the first and only non-insulated holding cabinet to achieve Energy Star certification. This durable, stainless steel cabinet provides superior resistance to heat transfer compared to aluminum cabinets, says Vulcan. Its resistance to heat transfer—due to the stainless steel exterior—keeps the outside of the cabinet much cooler, similar to an insulated cabinet, says Vulcan. This makes the cabinet much safer to handle and reduces added heat in the kitchen. Top-mounted controls keep them out of the way of feet and mops so cleanup easier.

Model: HMD018
Style: Mobile Holding Cabinet

  • Hot holding: 160°F
  • Capacity, 18" x 26" pans: 10 12" x 20" pans: 20
  • Construction: all stainless steel; full-perimeter insulation.
  • Handles: recessed on the sides and extended on the back.
  • Bumpers: full perimeter.
  • Additional: exclusive differential controls that provide precise food holding temperatures and maintenance of ideal moisture levels inside the cabinet.

Supplier statement: Only Winston Industries offers equipment with patented CVap Technology. Exclusive differential controls provide precise food holding temperatures and maintenance of ideal moisture levels, regardless of load size, says Winston. Foods never get dehydrated or saturated, shrinkage is minimized, and there is no change in flavor or texture. Foods maintain just-cooked quality and precise serving temperatures for hours, so operators can prepare protein, vegetables, pasta, breads and more ahead of the rush, and customers can enjoy prompt service of hot, fresh foods that taste and look like they were just prepared. The HMD018 is Energy Star certified.


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