1 Product 4 Ways: Planchas Bring the Heat

FER compares the latest plancha models from Montague, Jade, Wood Stone and Hestan.

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Planchas, though convincing clones of their better-known sister product the griddle, quickly set themselves apart. Most notably, they boast temperature capabilities hundreds of degrees above griddles, which typically top out at 550°F. Manual controls, as compared to the traditional thermostatic controls of a griddle, further differentiate the cooktop. Chipotle is just one operator that’s touted the plancha for its elevated cooking efficiency and resulting product taste.



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How many ways are there to cook chicken? Let’s try to break it down.

The World Economic Forum estimates that roughly 50 billion chickens went to dinner in 2018 and didn’t come back. We don’t know exactly how that translates into total servings, but…

Vollraths Low Profile Heat Strips

1 Product, 4 Ways: Heat Strips

Many operators rely on heat strips at expediting counters, serving lines and more to keep menu items at optimal temperatures.

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