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South Carolina Plans First Update To Food Code Since 1995

The Palmetto State is getting serious about food safety.  South Carolina’s Department of Health and Environmental Control is updating the state’s food-safety regulations for the first time in 17 years. The new rules are likely to require some restaurants to upgrade equipment. They will certainly impact public health directly, by requiring cold holding temperatures be reduced to 41°F; requiring date marking of ready to eat foods; and mandating food safety training for managers.

Regulation 61-25, enacted in 1995, is based on the original 1993 FDA model food code. The FDA has revised that model many times, including the most current 2009 version (a supplement update was released this year).

Representatives from the DHEC say the proposed changes in rules governing food handling, community festivals and pets in dining areas will put South Carolina's food code closer to newer federal standards.

Four meetings are being held around the state in March to discuss revisions to Regulation 61-25 and explore topics such as food handling, push carts, barbeque pits, community festivals and pets in dining areas. These changes will bring South Carolina's food code closer to the current national standard.

The draft for the proposed regulation is subject to change due to public comment and participation. Visit to provide any comments.

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