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SPECIAL REPORT: Gas Range Product Gallery

American Range

By eliminating standing pilots on unused burners, the Green Flame Range eliminates extra heat in the kitchen, wasted energy and the need to relight the oven burner pilot. The Pilotless Burner Ignition System (PBIS) delivers a direct spark ignition independently to each burner and automatically relights burners if the flames go out. The range features high-efficiency, 30,000 Btu/hr. American Star burners with a lift-off feature for easy cleaning; burners are designed to distribute flames efficiently regardless of type of pot or pan used. Range features all-stainless external body with a full-size commercial oven. Oven walls are porcelain-coated for easy clean up. Available in 24”, 30”, 36”, 48”, 60” and 72”, the Green Flame Range is built to give users exceptional energy efficiency. Each range carries a 1-yr. limited warranty on parts.

American Range

Bakers Pride

Restaurant Series Ranges feature 40,000 Btu/hr., lift-off burner heads, which deliver high-performance cooking and easy cleaning. Grates are 12” x 12” heavy-duty cast-iron sections that remove easily (24”W/4 burners; 36”W/6 burners standard). Cast-in bowls beneath the burners direct heat to the cooking surface. Design allows pots to slide from grate to grate or grate to landing ledge. The range’s front, landing ledge, sides, back guard and over shelf are all stainless and a new “No Burn-Zone” reduces burn stains on stainless back guard. The 7” stainless ledge gives chefs lots of usable working area. All ovens are porcelainized on five contact surfaces for easy cleaning. Unique burner baffle distributes heat flow evenly throughout oven cavity. Oven door is removable for easy access and the door has a box-welded frame on the interior.

Bakers Pride/Standex


Comstock-Castle ranges start with a sturdy welded and energy-efficient insulated frame. Castle’s oven is 20% wider than customary 26” ovens, providing better air circulation around standard 26” sheet pans and produce up to 200% more oven volume. Sauté burners, 24,000 Btu/hr., feature a large, extremely efficient, 7” star pattern design combined with heavy, yet easy-to-handle 12” x 12” iron grates. Alternative, 6” incremental cook-tops include charbroilers, hot tops, raised griddle-cheesemelters and flush griddles with thermostat, grooves and chrome options. The bull-nose plate rest is fully functional even with griddles. Easy cleaning, corrosion resistant stainless finish and ¾” gas connection is standard. 

Comstock-Castle Stove Co.

Electrolux Professional

EM Series ranges are available in 24” and 36” versions with ovens. Highly efficient flower flame burners deliver 32,500 Btu/hr. each. Heavy-duty, cast-iron pan grates are 12” x 12” and are removable to provide easy access to burner components and for cleaning. Heavy-duty chrome plated knobs provide precise control, durability and are easy to clean, as well. Full-width crumb tray captures overflow and debris from below burners and slides right out for cleaning. Vitreous enameled oven cavity fits two 18” x 26” sheet pans lengthwise. Unit design ensures even cooking throughout for perfect browning and excellent results. Temperature controlled by thermostat ranging from 158°F to 590°F.

Electrolux Professional


Garland’s Restaurant Range has a unique, patent-pending gas delivery design using an open-burner venturi and porting configuration that equalizes heating and eliminates hot spots in the oven. This consistent, even heating delivers power, control and stability that elevates cooking control. The base is deep enough to load full-size sheet pans in either direction along with 38,000-Btu/hr., cast-iron burners on all sides to make baking, roasting and finishing a breeze. Garland’s exclusive 33,000-Btu/hr., cast-iron Starfire-Pro burners on top combine speed with precise, even heat to improve efficiency and control. Garland’s cooking surface with individual cast-iron grates provides 27” of depth. Protected individual burner pilots eliminate spillover outages, while split grates and two-piece burners make cleaning easy.

Garland Group


Imperial’s open burner gas restaurant range line has a new “burner/grate” system that works together to heat pans evenly. The Imperial PyroCentric dual-flame burner heats the bottom of the pan, and the grate’s cast-in bowl keeps the flames directed at the bottom of the pan when lifted. From a full 32,000 Btu/hr. flame to a gentle 7,000-Btu/hr. simmer, the chef is in control. The range features cast-iron 12” x 11” front grates and 12” x 13” back grates that include a hot air dam, keeping hot air directed onto the stockpot away from the range back guard. Range used stainless-steel pilot tubing, not corrugated.

Imperial Commercial Cooking Equipment


Built for long-term performance and durability Jade Range model JTRH 6 36HM features a 4-year parts and labor warranty. The standard all-welded frame features a stainless-steel bottom, sides, front and burner box. The oven interior is all stainless with a removable bottom and side panels for easy cleaning. The 2-piece hex-head burners deliver 35,000 Btu/hr. each to the center of the pans and the stainless pilot tip and rigid pilot tubing ensure the burner will light. Top grates are polished steel and are guaranteed for life. The high-mass oven delivers a perfectly timed finish with help from a high-temperature thermostat.

Jade Range LLC

Montague Co.

The Montague Legend series of heavy-duty ranges gives chefs more usable cooking surface, letting them place even large pots and pans directly over the burners. Raised-port, 30,000-Btu/hr. star burners are 2-piece and easy to keep clean. Choose from more than 40 cooktop configurations. Montague ranges have welded-angle iron frames that are meticulously crafted and hand assembled. Ranges, featuring stainless external bottoms, are available in a standard oven, convection oven or cast-iron (high-mass) bottom oven with a 650°F thermostat. Counter-weighted oven doors have a lifetime warranty. There are no springs to wear out or to replace, ever! Because the ovens are front vented, the chef gets consistently reliable temperatures. Montague ranges have a sleek design with streamlined flue risers and high shelves. The ranges are available with casters, channel bases, quick-disconnects and restraining devices. All painted surfaces have electrolytic zinc under-coating for corrosion protection and longer life. Montague ranges are test-fired and calibrated at the factory.

Montague Co.



Southbend’s Ultimate Range, model 4721DD, comes with 12 patented, clog-free cast-iron burners that deliver 33,000 Btu/hr. each (or 40,000 Btu/hr. Pyromax burners). The cast-iron grate top will hold a 14” stock pot. Unit has a standing pilot for the 1-piece, open-top burners. Two standard ovens (convection optional) feature coved, porcelain-enamel oven cavities that are easy to clean and protect against corrosion. The range has a stainless front rail, front and sides and comes with 2 manual, gas shutoff valves on the front; one for each side of the range. Range has 1-yr. parts and labor warranty. Griddle and charbroiler options available.


Tri-Star Restaurant Ranges

Tri-Star restaurant ranges come with standard 35,000 Btu/hr. anti-clogging burners or optional 40,000 Btu/hr. versions, both have lift-off burner heads for easy cleaning and both come with built-in pilot shields. Heavy-duty, cast-iron 12” x 12” section grates remove easily; grate design allows pots to slide from section to section. Range top comes with 6”-wide landing ledge to provide a functional working area; ledge, sides, front, shelf and back guard (with a new “No Burn-Zone” to reduce burn stains) are all stainless. Large restaurant range oven, 30”W x 15”H x 26½ ”D, is porcelainized on five contact surfaces for easy cleaning. A double-wall oven flame spreader with temperature diverters distributes heat evenly. Ovens’ chrome-plated rack with rack guides allow up to four rack positions Oven door removes for easy access.

Tri-Star Mfg.

Viking Range

Viking Commercial freestanding ranges can be custom-made in various configurations to fit your kitchen needs, including inline, island suites, countertop and freestanding ranges. For the base portion, there are standard ovens, convection ovens, cabinet bases and self-contained refrigerated bases. Choose from an assortment of risers, shelves, island trims and even add a range-mount salamander or cheesemelter. Mix and match 12”, 18” or 24” grate sections to create your custom 36” top. Sealed burners deliver 30,000 Btu/hr. each in a 2-piece lift-off design. Stainless s front, sides and bottom are stainless and construction is welded-steel frame. Door is heavy duty and counter-balanced.  

Viking Commercial Ranges


Vulcan’s V Series range line provides modularity from top to bottom and side to side, allowing flexibility and complete customization so you can maximize your kitchen’s full potential. Made with all stainless construction, the V Series range line is built with the durability expected from the company. V series units are available in 12”, 18”, 24” and 36” widths, and depending on how the units are ordered, any like-sized top section can be exchanged for the same size top of a different configuration. Units’ 33,000 Btu/hr., 2-piece open burners provide superior boil times and are great for sautéing.


Wolf Range

Wolf Challenger XL Ranges are built to deliver legendary toughness and dependability. Available in 24”, 36”, 48”, 60” and 72” widths, these restaurant ranges are made with all stainless construction. Features sure to make an impact on your kitchen include: extra deep grates to accommodate large pans and stock pots; 35,000 Btu/hr./hr. bakers-depth standard oven that allows 18” x 26” sheet pans to fit side-to-side or front-to-back in 36”, 48” and 72” ranges; and 30,000 Btu/hr. open top burners with lift-off heads for easy cleaning.

Wolf Range

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