Foodservice Equipment Reports

SPECIAL REPORT: Big News in Smallwares

We spend a lot of feature space on the big players in the kitchen: the ovens, steamers, griddles, walk-ins and ice machines. But there’s a whole cast of support performers—what we refer to as smallwares—that are the unsung heroes of every foodservice operation. Pots, pans, spatulas, tongs, temperature probes, mitts, knives, bins and baskets: We love tried-and-true utensils and gadgets and appreciate when they’re especially well designed and constructed.

We also love the clever newcomers, the hand-crank zester, the menu magnifier, hammered-steel buffet steps and slip-clip trays that so elegantly improve on a commodity utensil or fulfill a need you didn’t even know you had. We reached out to a slew of smallwares specialists and invited them to submit a hot item; more than 30 companies responded.

If you don’t get your fill of smallwares here, you don’t have long to wait to see more. NAFEM’s What’s Hot, What’s Cool pavilion will be featured on the show floor once again during The NAFEM Show, Feb. 7-9, 2013, in Orlando, Fla. More than 110 companies submitted products for the 2011 show, many of them smallwares. This year, a record number of applicants, more than 200, are hoping to get a spot in the pavilion. It’s not easy: The item must be a new concept or patented product introduced to the market after Feb. 13, 2011, and the product must demonstrate a value proposition through tangible, quantifiable operator benefits by addressing at least two of the following four criteria: aesthetic impact, cost reduction, new foodservice application or additional benefits, such as environmental impact or technological advancement. We’ll be on the scene and plan to deliver a full report on the new products we see.

Until then, enjoy our gallery of great smallwares.

It’s a squeeze bottle! No, it’s a barbecue baster brush! No, it’s a squeeze-bottle baster brush! Finally united by TableCraft, this unique hybrid product pairs a high-temperature-ready, round silicone brush punctuated with holes in its base with a squeeze dispenser. Say goodbye to all of those messy sauce brushes as well as the broken bristles swimming in your food. The sauce brush top fits 20-oz. and 24-oz. wide-mouth squeeze dispensers. Dishwasher safe.


The undersides of Safetrays feature a retractable clip that servers can slip between their fingers for instant stability. The trays provide far greater balance and security than regular trays and make it easier to load up without fear of spilling or tipping food and drinks.
The base of the tray is injection-molded with a mixture of polypropylene and glass fiber to create the perfect mix of grip and durability. A rubber overmold on the surface is a soft grade of food-safe rubber, which features a 5-yr. guarantee against de-lamination. Safetrays can stand industrial glass washers and come out looking like new. The product has NSF certification.

Safetray Products

Polycarbonate drinkware from Thunder Group looks like glass, including the products’ elegant, thin rims. Polycarbonate is a clear, durable, impact-resistant material that’s far stronger than acrylic. Choose from a wide assortment of styles to provide a perfect, upscale beverage experience in clubs, at events, on the patio and by the pool without the concerns, cost and breakage associated with glass. From martini, cocktail, pilsner, wine and margarita glasses to ice buckets, water pitchers and carafes, Thunder Group Polycarbonate drinkware designs are unique, elegant, stylish and safe for indoor and outdoor use.

Thunder Group

Wrapping catering pans in mega-amounts of plastic becomes a thing of the past with CaterSeal’s new Food Pan Gasket. The heat-resistant silicone product—think of an oversized, form-fitted band—secures pan lid to base, which together with a single layer of plastic, makes a tight seal. Other plusses: CaterSeal protects pan edges from banging against each other to extend the life of your pans and the rubbery texture keeps utensils from sliding into the food during service. The gaskets form a seal on the pans that keeps heat from escaping. Dishwasher safe and available for full- and half-size kitchen pans.


Devised by a baker (with an engineering background) who spent way too much time prepping zest (and suffering aching wrists and cuts), the Spin Zester looks like a sophisticated version of an antique apple-peeler. Using microblades and a tension mechanism, the device removes just the zest in just under 12 sec. with a manual crank. The tension can be adjusted for different sized fruits—lemon to grapefruit. It secures to a countertop with a suction mechanism able to withstand 100 lb. of pressure. and comes apart for cleaning—plastic components can go into the dishmachine.

ZipZester, LLC

Looking to transform your table? Innovative designs for table service by Steelforme are trendy and fun. Designed to be hardworking tools for business owners and appealing to clientele, these designs are durable while evoking a passion for food. Made of brushed or mirror stainless steel, a sophisticated, modern and airy design is matched on the following pieces: sugar caddy, sugar-stick holder, bread basket, breadstick holder, flower vase, candle holder, napkin rings, 3-compartment snack bowl, salt-and-pepper caddy and more. The contemporary bread and fruit baskets can be nested inside one another to optimize storage. Dishmachine safe.

Steelforme/Service Ideas, Inc.

Jazz up your counters; the new Retro Kettle Stock Pot Rethermalizers by Vollrath also deliver performance and durability. Sleek, retro styling, a cool-to-the-touch exterior and five bright color options make the pot an attractive option for showcasing products such as chili, soups and stews. The 120V stock pots are offered complete with a 7- or 11-qt. inset, cover with hinge (not NSF), soup cards and a soup-card holder. A ceramic base element and thermostatic control ensure a fast startup and precise, consistent performance. Sturdy handles make the units easy to transport and handle. The pots are NSF certified, U.S. and Canada UL.


Soiréehome’s newest product, tilt, is a flavorless and iceless chilling sphere that won’t dilute drinks or interfere with flavor. Store tilt in a freezer until needed, then insert into a beverage, wine glass or party dip to keep chilled. Tilt is center-weighted, so it always sits upright and is easily removed by a retrieval hook (included). Soiréehome also offers stopair, a vacuum wine pump that doubles as a bottle stopper. Stopair fits into most bottles and also can be used for liquor and olive oil. Aerate every glass of wine with soirée, the in-bottle wine decanter that allows you to aerate one glass at a time. It will not over-aerate and can be used on red and white wine.


Cook soup from scratch and keep it warm all in one kettle with Tomlinson’s new 800W Glenray Premium. The kettle’s adjustable temperature control goes from sizzle to simmer to serve, saving you time and money. Features include: 800W to cook, hold and serve soup; rapid heat to cooking temperatures; a durable powder-coated black-steel or stainless-steel finish; a cooler exterior surface; and a 1-yr. limited warranty. NSF and ETL approved, the kettle’s improved interior insulation helps maintain safe food temperatures.

Tomlinson Industries
216/587-3400, Ext. 112

Cambro’s mini Dessert Glasses allow restaurateurs to convert full-portion desserts into mini dessert portions that can be consumed in moderation and help customers feel less guilty about indulging. The clear polycarbonate glasses feature the look and feel of glass, but offer the cost savings, safety and lightweight handling of break-resistant plastic. They create an elegant presentation for treats, such as parfaits, puddings, ice cream or savory appetizers. The glasses weigh up to 50% less than glass, making them easier and safer for wait staff to carry. Less breakage means lower replacement costs, and no risk of broken or chipped glass or double-checking dessert glasses for imperfections. Commercial-dishmachine safe, the glasses can be chilled or frosted without concerns of thermal shock damage.


The Monocle Marquee is a newly patented acrylic tabletop menu display with an embedded 3½” x 1¾”, 4X magnification lens positioned above a 4” x 6”, double-sided, clear acrylic top-loading display area. The finished tabletop design is 4” wide x 9½” tall, including the magnification lens. The Monocle Marquee makes it easy for customers who benefit from enlarged type to read the fine print on menus and distinguish numbers on a restaurant bill or receipt and credit-card slips. Healthcare and senior-care facility foodservice programs also can benefit. Customers are attracted to the unique display with its hologram-like lens and distinct appearance. Additionally, restaurant personnel have free access to templates on the Monocle Marquee website to create their own tabletop menus or specials promotions.

Menu Monocle, LLC

That’s just about what these new American Metalcraft Taco Holders can do. But don’t let a name limit their use: In the back-of-the-house, they make a great kitchen-supply item for the assembly of flatbread sandwiches, blintzes and crepes as well as tacos. Manufactured from brushed stainless, they are available in 3 sizes. Invert them and see their total versatility. A 1-compartment holder, when inverted, holds 2 food items. A 2-compartment holder, when inverted, serves 3 food items. A 4-compartment holder, when inverted, holds 5 food items.

American Metalcraft

The Taylor waterproof allergen digital thermometer is color-coded to reduce the risk of cross-contamination. The dishmachine-safe thermometer also has Safe-T-Guard antimicrobial additive in the case and sleeve, inhibiting the growth of fungus and bacteria. The tool is purple for allergen safety and features a FDA-recommended 1.5-mm step-down probe with fast response time and 1-sec. display updates. NSF-listed, the thermometer has a temperature range of -40°F to 450°F. The unit can be recalibrated in the field for use in HACCP programs. Featuring a large LCD with backlight, the thermometer’s automatic 10-min. shutoff conserves battery life.

Taylor Precision Products

San Jamar’s Cool Touch oven mitts combine protection and durability to stand up to commercial-kitchen demands. Cool Touch and Cool Touch Flame oven mitts are NSF certified; Cool Touch Flame mitts are designed for intermittent flame protection. Cool Touch mitts offer heat protection up to 500°F for up to 15 sec., steam protection and a magnet and loop to hang them in easy reach. Machine washable, the poly-cotton blend mitts feature Kevlar WebGuard. Available in conventional and puppet-style mitts in 13-, 15-, 17- and 24” lengths, Cool Touch Flame mitts include all of the benefits of Cool Touch mitts with additional heat protection up to 535°F for up to 30 sec. Flame retardant, Cool Touch Flame mitts have a Nomex construction with the Kevlar WebGuard.

San Jamar

Rubbermaid Commercial Products announces the brand’s first Bisphenol A- (BPA-) free commercial foodservice product line. The products feature Tritan copolyester, a material BPA-free that offers high quality, durability and clarity. In extensive product testing, the products withstood washing in commercial dishmachines without cracking, were resistant to heat and harsh detergents and demonstrated less breaking, chipping and cracking from dropping or extended use. Tritan copolyester has an inherent toughness that can help increase product life as well as reduce waste; the material is Greenguard Indoor Air Quality Certified. Industry professionals can purchase more than 174 Rubbermaid BPA-free foodservice products made with Tritan copolyester in 4 foodservice categories: ingredient management; food pans, boxes and square containers; and ProServe and ProSave products.

Rubbermaid Commercial Products

Mundial announces two new cutlery products lines: Marks by Mundial and Mundial Matrix. Marks by Mundial cutlery is made of high-carbon Japanese stainless with an exclusive 2-toned, ergonomic soft-grip handle. The series offers a full line of 13 cutlery products; all items are NSF-certified and treated with sanitized antimicrobial protection. The Mundial Matrix Series is made of high-carbon German stainless. The ergonomic curved-handle design provides comfort and control. The series offers a full line of products that make food preparation faster, easier and more comfortable as well as branded etching for front-of-the-house steak knives.


Edlund Co.’s FFD18 Film and Foil Dispenser replaces flimsy cardboard cartons that hold rolls of film and foil and plastic dispensers that don’t work so well when the roll is near the end. With a sleek design, the dispenser maximizes easeofuse and offers operators time- and money-saving efficiency. The userfriendly tool is a sturdy stainless dispenser with suction-cup feet that position it securely on a counter or wall. The adjustable dispensing tube fits both 12”and 18” rolls. Whether you’re using the slide cutter for film or the interchangeable metal cutter for foil, you get a clean cut that eliminates waste and saves money. NSF-certified and made in the U.S., the dispenser was designed with the operator in mind.

Edlund Company LLC

The NSF-certified ProAccurate Folding Thermocouple Thermometer (TCT572) offers a rapid response time of 6 sec., an accurate 1½-mm slim tip that measures temperatures from -58°F to 572°F and a 4¼” probe. It also stands out for its field recalibration for highest accuracy over time. The thermometer is manufactured with BioCote, an antimicrobial agent containing silver, which is shown to inhibit the growth of a broad spectrum of microbes—including bacteria, mold and fungi—on the thermometer’s surface. Waterproof and shatterproof, it includes a large digital readout, easy-to-press buttons and backlighting for quick and easy readings. Available with a 5-yr. limited warranty, the thermometer comes in white, black, red, yellow or green.

CDN Foodservice

Bar Maid’s new JUC-100 is the perfect Citrus Juicer for the bar or restaurant wanting to “juice on demand”.  Perfect for juicing a drink or two at a time, this 150 rpm, compact model is quick and easy to use.  The stainless bowl and strainer clean up in a flash and are dishmachine safe. Three juicing cones fit all sizes of citrus. Bar Maid’s JUC-100 is the ultimate compact Citrus Juicer at a price that makes you say “Cheers”!

Bar Maid Products

Update International’s stainless mandolins offer an ABS rotary dial for easy slice selection and thickness adjustment. The built-in blades eliminate dangerous blade handling. Other features include an ergonomic handle, non-skid folding legs and a stainless safety holder.

Update International

The new Tork Xpressnap Signature dispenser family offers a sleek, contemporary design that features rounded edges and an enhanced color palette. The design also provides improved customer hygiene, broader display customization and an efficient dispensing process that guarantees a 25% reduction in napkin usage. Two dispenser types are now available: a tabletop model and an in‐counter model. The tabletop model offers an improved lid opening for easy refilling, while the in‐counter dispenser is available in three depths with a universal cut‐out size. The dispensers reduce labor and maintenance costs because they are easy to refill and hold more napkins with less waste. The Xpressnap line offers compostable and 100% recycled napkins that can include optional custom printing.


Friedr. Dick’s latest forged chef's knives captivate users with the shape and design of its forged blades and plastic handles. Made in Germany, the ActiveCut series is forged from high-quality stainless. The well-shaped and ergonomically designed handles are seamlessly connected to the blade’s tang. The knives are perfectly balanced and lay comfortably in the hand. A double final honing ensures an exceptional sharpness. The knives can be sharpened easily, although the ideal hardness of the blades allow for long-term durability. The handles are made of abrasion-proof and non-slip material; connected seamlessly to the blade, the handles are especially hygienic. All products in the series are NSF-certified.

Friedr. Dick Corp.

One word can describe these cork baskets: groovalicious. The baskets are eco-friendly, stain and odor resistant, anti-microbial, anti-fungal, liquid resistant and are machine washable (cold water, gentle cycle). What else can you ask for? Reusable and bio-based, Cork It baskets are an excellent choice for those who seek both beauty and sustainability. Harvested from trees that are never cut down, cork is a material that is both stylish and ecological. These baskets will show off any and all food merchandise fabulously.

Elite Global Solutions

Built to perform, EdgeCraft’s rugged cast metal NSF-certified electric knife sharpener quickly and easily applies a razor-sharp, durable edge on straight-edge and serrated 20° class knives. The Chef’sChoice EdgeSelect-Pro Diamond Hone Knife Sharpener Model 125 uses three stages to sharpen, hone and create a “Gothic Arch” shaped edge structure that is stronger and more durable. Featuring precision angle control for foolproof results, it’s safe and easy to use. Stages 1 and 2 sharpen with 100% diamond abrasives and Stage 3 strops and polishes for a sharp, durable and longer-lasting edge. The EdgeSelect-Pro allows users the choice of optimum edges for gourmet, butcher, sporting and serrated knives. The sharpeners are engineered and assembled in the U.S.

EdgeCraft Corp.

The Hamilton Beach Commercial Wall-Mount Single Spindle Drink Mixer, model HMD300, is fast, efficient and perfect for busy restaurants or drive-throughs where space is a premium and quick service is key. The mixer comes with all mounting hardware and 929 agitator for fast, cup-friendly mixing. The single-spindle mixer has a powerful two-speed motor that’s built to last. A speed switch offers flexibility between different types of milkshakes and malts. The mixer is easily mounted to almost any surface with a 4” width. Built with heavy-duty, die-cast and stainless steel, the mixer features a removable, dishmachine-safe cup guide and cup rest for easy cleanup. Because the mixer is wall-mounted, more counter space is available for food prep.

Hamilton Beach Commercial

Products featured in Spring USA’s new XCESSories line include: stainless interwoven baskets, contemporary design platters and trays as well as risers and display wheels. Each product is unique in its design and function. Staircase risers (curved and straight) create a stunning display. With a high-polished stainless design, they create a sexy look while adding height and dimension to a buffet. The reflectiveness of the stainless lends an airy appeal to the structures. Pair these off around a tall centerpiece display to create a breathtaking display.
Spring USA

Buffet Euro’s upscale product line includes eco-friendly bamboo butcher blocks and cutting boards designed to enhance food presentations. The extensive line includes many unique elevation options to help incorporate an abundant look while minimizing required display space. Varied materials are available, including stainless, assorted woods, porcelain and metals that can help create an astonishing and inviting visual feast. The butcher blocks are the perfect instant upgrade for any B&I, healthcare or education outlet.

Buffet Euro

With a ceramic grinder, Freud’s spice mill is suitable for pepper, coarse salt or other spices. Spices store in the stainless base. To use, simply invert and twist the handle while gripping the base. Because the mill end faces upward when not in use, it won’t leave dust rings on your table or shelf. The mills stand 5.39” in height.


With accuracy across the full range to 1°F, Comark’s PDQ400 Pocket Digital Thermometer is a fast-responding thermometer that can be used for testing food in every part of the kitchen, from receipt through cooking, holding and cooling. The thermometer features a 1.5-mm tip; a thin tip with the sensor at the end offers speed and precision previously available only with thermocouple probes. The thermometer is waterproof, able to be field calibrated and, with a MAX hold reading, can be used to test the rinse cycle in commercial dishmachines. Additional features include BioCote antimicrobial agent to inhibit bacterial growth, Data Hold to help record critical readings, a range up to 400°F for testing fryers and a 5-yr. warranty.

Comark Instruments

The Dial-A-Cup dispensing system is a unique, new way to dispense almost all standard beverage cups. Dial-A-Cup’s one-size-fits-all concept allows the operator to change cup styles without worrying about how the new cups will fit in the cup dispenser. Suitable for plastic foam, paper or plastic cups, the dispenser can be mounted vertically, horizontally or overhead. It’s also available for countertop use. With a new adjustment design, the dispenser has a stainless construction for longer life and a cup size range of 8 to 64 oz. All DACS and LS units include a 90-day warranty; the LS Series is available with a lid and straw dispenser.

A.J. Antunes & Co.

Enjoy the beauty and durability of new Alibi Barware & Stemware from Carlisle FoodService Products. Alibi is dishmachine safe and offers the clear look and hefty feel of glass with the break-resistance of plastic. Alibi Barware is made of BPA-free SAN while the elegant Alibi Stemware is made of shatterproof polycarbonate. Available in 15 popular sizes, the ware is a perfect option for any foodservice operation, including catering, healthcare tray service, bar, room and tabletop service. Alibi is excellent for bar and beverage service wherever glass breakage can be a problem; especially in outdoor, rooftop or poolside serving applications. This attractive collection enhances the look and feel of your operation while saving you money.

Carlisle FoodService Products

Royal Industries’ grill scraper is made of super durable, heavy-duty cast aluminum. The ambidextrous design allows for right- or left-handed use and is designed for extra downward pressure, which is what cooks need in a grill scraper. With its steel blade and protective splash guard, the scraper makes removing grease and remnants quick, safe and easy. The grill scraper will quickly clear your cooking surface between batches and let your cooks get back to doing what they do best, cooking.

Royal Industries, Inc.

Are your kitchen thermometers accurate? The new ValCup makes it simple to find out. No more wasting disposable cups trying to create a 32°F ice bath, or guessing how much water and ice to use. With Val, you will never have to guess again! Easy to follow instructions and a fill line are printed on the ValCup, which helps you mix the perfect ice bath every time! Just fill with crushed ice, add water and insert your thermometer for fast results. The removable top makes the ValCup easy to clean and the lid’s insertion hole keeps your thermometer centered so you get the most accurate reading. This dishmachine-safe, clear plastic cup and lid should be a permanent addition to every commercial kitchen!

Cooper-Atkins Corp.
860/349-3473, Ext.154

With the warm autumn leaves falling off the trees, we are reminded it’s the fall season once again. Present your guests with G.E.T.’s Diamond Harvest series and let those warm colors illuminate your tabletop. Available in 4 beautiful colors that will usher in the season but work throughout the year. Mix and match to create your perfect tabletop. Crafted from commercial dishmachine-safe and break-resistant melamine.

G.E.T. Enterprises, LLC