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November 2012 Tools of the Trade


Keep the cold air where it belongs and eliminate the hassles of strip curtains with Kolpak’s Air Shield. Designed to mount vertically on the interior wall surface of the walk-in on the hinge side of the door, the Air Shield features an innovative air-delivery system that channels a barrier of refrigerated air that flows horizontally across the interior side of the door opening. The Air Shield is designed to activate when the door is opened and shut off when the door closes. By design, the Air Shield is in play whenever the walk-in door is open, significantly reducing the amount of warm-air infiltration into the refrigerated space. Walk-ins using Air Shield are 20% more efficient, according to the company.



The Cayenne Heavy-Duty (HD) Gas Thermostatic Griddle is Vollrath’s new addition to its HD countertop cooking line. The HD Thermostatic Griddle provides operational efficiency with the inclusion of thermostatic controls and an embedded thermostatic probe positioned 3/16” from the cooking surface, which accurately maintains the user’s settings to ensure consistent surface temperature for all-day operation. Featuring stainless burners and a durable, all-stainless exterior, Vollrath’s HD Thermostatic Griddle includes burners placed every 12” to maximize surface temperature while providing a 24”D cooking surface. The welded-steel griddle is a polished 1”-thick plate that provides even heat distribution. Safety pilots ensure that the gas will shut off if the pilot goes out. Offered in five sizes from 24” to 72”.



Hoshizaki’s HR24A is an Energy Star qualified unit and is UL approved for outdoor use. The ducted airflow design, LED display and audible alarms allow for optimum cabinet temperature, perfect for use in business, residential or healthcare settings.



Thunderbird’s ARM-60 is a 60-qt.-capacity powerhouse that features a 4-hp motor and operates on 220V, single- or 3-phase or 380V, 3-phase electrical. Alloy steel gears are put through rigorous heat treatments to temper them for decades of use. The mixer operates at three speeds (70, 210 or 360 rpms and three more speeds are optional) and features a motor-cooling system. The mixer comes standard with a safety guard, bowl, whip, dough hook and flat beater for all of your heavy mixing jobs. It’s 59”H x 28”W x 35”D and weighs 1,095 lb.

Thunderbird Food Machinery


Royal Industries’ podium is made in the U.S. Choose from a stunning black or walnut-laminated melamine finish. There’s no assembly required; it comes ready to use. At 120 lb. and measuring 46”H x 25”W, the podium establishes a clear focal point to direct your customers where to check in in any setting or for any occasion. The podium provides plenty of room for storage with a 22.5”D shelf and touch-latch door compartment. The unit is an exceptional value.

Royal Industries, Inc.


Follett upgraded its Symphony ice and water dispensers by incorporating Agion antimicrobial product protection into key ice- and water-contact components. Agion inhibits the growth of damaging microbes on treated surfaces. It’s a naturally occurring, silver-based antimicrobial technology that uses no harsh synthetic chemicals. Unlike sprays that are useful short term, Agion works continuously over the useful life of the product by preventing biofouling and the growth of microbes on treated surfaces. Agion has broad regulatory approvals, including EPA, FDA, NSF, USDA, European BPD and FSA.



Having trouble finding enough space for large food preparation, storage, styling or food make-up? The Plate-Mate Mobile 84-plate collapsible catering rack is designed to save time and space. Solidly built of stainless, the PM84-135 requires no maintenance. Clean it with a high-pressure washer or a brush and soap suds. The mobile kitchen racks adjust to fit nearly any plate size and the unit has a 600-lb. load capacity. With a total height of 75” and an undercarriage measuring 25½” x 25½”, it fits even in the smallest kitchens.

Plate-Mate, Inc.


Traditional Chinese food can be cooked to perfection in the Rational SelfCookingCenter whitefficiency. To fit Chinese cuisine requirements, special features like power steam and specific Chinese cooking processes were developed. Because maximum steam quantity and intensity are vital in the preparation of steamed products, such as steamed rice, dim sum, buns or special Chinese fish dishes, the Rational units have a highly powerful steam generator. The steam capacity even allows different noodle dishes to be prepared, such as chow mein. In addition to steaming, there are numerous intelligent cook processes for traditional Chinese dishes, such as fried rice and Cantonese chicken. There’s even an option to cook Peking duck to perfection. With the SelfCookingCenter whitefficiency, the chef can roast, grill, bake, stew or steam.



Star-Max countertop gas and electric griddles, charbroilers, fryers, hot plates, stock-pot ranges and finishing ovens are reliable, affordable and upgraded with many new features. Gas griddles feature new 1”-thick ultra-smooth steel or chrome cooking surfaces, new custom-designed 28,300-Btu aluminized steel U-shaped burner on every 12” of cooking surface and thermostatic control with throttling thermostat. Gas charbroilers have new heavy-duty stainless radiants for maximum heat transfer and protection for burners. Gas hot plates have new high-performance 25,000-Btu cast-iron burners. All products have new, longer-lasting, heavy-duty metal knobs and a two-year parts and labor warranty. Equipment stands are available to maintain proper cooking height. Star-Max offers more than 60 models to meet your size and menu requirements.

Star Manufacturing


The kube\CS 70 is Meiko’s first low-temp, chemical sanitizing dishmachine. Built with a single-piece of 304 stainless, the durable, wraparound, cube-like door eliminates the multi-piece door guides of other models. The digital control panel and dosing pumps are mounted underneath the machine for time-saving operation, maintenance and chemical agent access. The machine is completely modular and easily disassembles for quick refurbishing. The unit features interchangeable stainless wash/rinse arms that you can access, remove and replace without the need for tools. Uses 1.18 gal. of water in a 90-sec. cycle. Energy Star and NSF rated with a maximum throughput of 40+ racks per hour. In its class, the machine offers the first digital function display, automatic fill and drain cycles, automatic chemical prime and temperature drain and bottom-mounted controls. The machine’s strong tubular frame and lack of door guide strips add additional industry firsts for low temps.


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