FOCUS: High-Efficiency Fryer Gallery


Alto-ShaamThe ASF-75G features a burner and heat exchanger powered by a fan-assisted combustion system that delivers 120K-Btu input. Unit achieves 71% efficiency and produces 134 lb./hr. Temps up the flue are around 350°F. Dual, solid-state controls have electronic ignition. Features melt cycles for solid or liquid shortening. Takes only 90 sec. to filter and heat to frying temperature. Temp range of 200°F to 390°F stays accurate within +/_4°. Fry tank, 10-ga. stainless, has 7-yr. limited warranty. Oil capacity is 73 lb. Built-in filter is an option.

The brand new LHD65 large-vat, Energy Star-qualified gas fryer from Frymaster is specifically designed for heavy production of bone-in chicken and other breaded products. Unit delivers 105K Btu. input through Thermo-Tube-equipped frypot; temps up the flue are lower than 550°. Oil capacity is 100 lb. in an 18-in. x 18-in. x 5 ¾-in. vat. Smart 4U 3000 controller monitors and helps control food and oil quality, oil life and equipment performance; includes 20 programmable cycles and automatically adjusts cooking to load size. Ignition is electronic. Vat, door, front and sides are stainless. Fryer batteries include built-in filtration.

Henny Penny
Evolution Elite uses 30 lb. of oil/vat cooking the same size load in 40% less oil than standard 50 lb. vats. Energy Star rated at 54% efficiency; achieves production capacity of 64 lb./hr. Oil Guardian automatic top-off-level sensors monitor oil level and add fresh oil. SmartFilter Express filters vats with a convenient external drain release; no other handles or valves needed. Rinse-wave action drains crumbs during filtering. Hot, filtered oil is ready less than 4 min. Stainless vats come with 7-yr. warranty. High-efficiency 75K-Btu burners start with solid state ignition. iControl gives you 10 programmable cook cycles.  

Keating Of Chicago
The Incredible Frying Machine, model 14IFM (18IFM and 20IFM also available) features two, tube-style burners encased in ceramic mesh with total rated output of 79K Btu. Unit is 57% efficient per Energy Star. Instant-On System increases productivity by as much as 9% with little increase in energy consumption and maintains average fry temp at 96% of the thermostat setting. Instant Recovery means unit fries at lower temps and extends oil life. Polished, 18-ga. stainless vats are easy to clean. Extra-large heat transfer tubes evenly distribute heat and cold zone is 27% of vessel. Oil capacity of 38 lb./vat delivers 50-lb. performance; production is 72 lb./hr. 

Pitco Frialator/Middleby
The Energy Star-rated Solstice Supreme (SSH) tube-fired gas fryer with Solstice Supreme burner technology features a patented burner system (blue flame, not infrared), with alloy heat baffles. Unit achieves up to 61% efficiency and delivers lower flue temperatures than traditional fryers. New self-clean burner (clears dust/debris from burner face, pat. pend.) goes through a daily 30-sec. cleaning cycle to keep burners firing well. Units available from 40K Btu to 125K Btu; 40-lb. to 75-lb. oil capacity. Simple filter drawer assembly filters and refills vats with the switch of two levers.

Ultrafryer Systems
Model B-P30-14 delivers 64.7% energy efficiency with 90K-Btu input. Phased Array Heat Exchanger (PAR-3) provides large surface area and extended travel path for combustible gases for fast recovery and uniform heat distribution. Exhaust temps are 500°F or less. Production rate is 91.5 lb./hr. Comes equipped with UltraClear Plus filter system built in. Oil capacity is 45 lb./vat and automatic melt cycle is standard. Vats, cabinet and frame are all stainless. Dial thermostat controls and electronic (pilot-less) ignition ensure easy operation and accurate temp control.

Vulcan/ITW FEG
Patent-pending FivePass heat transfer system delivers 68% cooking and 78% thermal efficiency with a production rate of 91 lb/hour; input is 80K Btu. SoftStart™ ignition system uses 35K Btu to preserve oil life during ignition (electronic). Controls are your choice of analog, digital or programmable computer on the 1VK65, 65-to-70-lb.-oil-capacity fryer. All deliver accurate temp settings between 200°F to 390°F, and computer-control version features 10 menu timers with product name display. Maintains idle temp setting with only 4,802 Btu. Easy-to-clean stainless steel tank fits 3 standard twin baskets with large cold zone; tank includes limited 10-yr. warranty.


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