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Have You Registered For MUFES 2014?

At our 2012 Multiunit Foodservice Equipment Symposium, I was sitting between two high-powered directors of equipment from major chains during a roundtable discussion. One mentioned that he was just starting to implement a change to the chain’s rooftop package and identified some of the elements. The other director, a competitor in fact, advised him of a few things to watch out for in that new rooftop initiative, because he’d had a poor experience with it years before.

While I always expect the conversation at a typical MUFES to get technical—that’s our trademark, a deep-dive into foodservice equipment and systems—I was really blown away by the level of information-sharing I witnessed. 

That’s the beauty of MUFES. We keep it small—maybe 50 to 60 chain folks who are in charge of equipment network with the same number of equipment suppliers to achieve close to a one-to-one ratio. It creates a comfort level that fosters an intense, open and meaningful exchange of information.

Our 7th MUFES for Commercial Operators is Jan. 25-27, 2014, at the gorgeous Barton Creek Resort & Spa, Austin, Texas. We promise another filled-to-the-brim agenda of exceptional E&S content for our chain and supplier guests. We have two keynotes on the buying habits and expectations of future customers. One is from Technomic Inc.’s Joe Pawlak and deals with the near future, and the other is a look out to 2053 by Dennis Marlin of Marlin Network. Our friends from the Pacific Gas & Electric Company’s Food Service Technology Center have information to share from their lab and field work, including the impact of demand control ventilation on operations and the effect of new equipment choices in today’s and tomorrow’s kitchens. We’ll cover the best practices for handling fats, oils and grease—not a glamorous topic, but FOG is a reality. Water conservation is on the agenda, too, and, in a nod to the conversation I overheard two years ago, we’ll present a whole session about ideal rooftop packages for chain units.

We’re already filling up. You should be there—we guarantee you’ll come away with money-saving ideas. Go to to register, email or give us a call!

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