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Trifecta puts full control over the three phases of brewing—wetting, extraction and hydrolysis (separating liquids from solids)—at your fingertips. Each recipe allows you to manipulate a total of 11 variables (recipe guide and recipe-development tools available). After determining an appropriate grind size and dose weight for coffee (or weight for tea), you can enter the brewing variables into the control panel. Each unique recipe can be saved under your coffee’s own name or the tea varietal. Unit measures approx. 30 4/5-in.W x 68-in.H x 39-in.D and comes in silver, black or white. You’ll need 220-240V, single phase, 50/60Hz electrical. Accessories include grinders, tea and coffee-handle assemblies, spare brew chambers and more.


Bkon’s patented Reverse Atmospheric Infusion (RAI) method introduces negative pressure (think vacuum) to whole-leaf teas suspended in water in an infusion chamber. Each infusion opens the leaves at a molecular level, allowing water to infuse the leaves and render their essential flavors into the water in a 60-sec. to 90-sec. brew time. Preprogrammed recipes adjust variables of the process—including time, temperature, infusion frequency and strength—to extract the precise flavor elements of each type of tea (black, green, white, oolong, herbals and more). Unit (brew tower and accompanying handle warmer) measures 24 4/5 -in.W x 24-in.H x 10 7/10-in.D, and the water/vacuum supply center (which can install below counter) is just shy of 13 3/4 -in.W x 15-in.H x 15-in.D. You’ll need 208V/60Hz/50A power for the tower/water/vacuum supply center and 115V/60Hz/15A for the handle warmer.


Enhance your coffee service and completely eliminate waste with the Curtis Gold Cup single-cup drip brewer. During the brewing process, the patented brew cone’s siphon allows for the water to rise to the perfect level without exiting for a pre infusion in its purest form. This optimizes the intended roast’s flavor and body. The Gold Cup has a pre-wet function that streams hot water over the paper filter to eliminate any undesirable paper taste prior to brewing. To maximize both the coffee’s soluble concentration and extraction from grounds, the brewing process turbulates up to 12 times throughout the brewing process and enforces the movement of coffee grounds for optimal extraction and flavor. Brewing unit measures 13 1/4 -in.W x 18 1/4 -in.H x 21-in.D. Electrical requires a minimum of 110V/50Hz to brew one cup at a time, 220V/60Hz for two cups at a time.

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