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MAFSI Barometer Records 4.5% Gain In Third Quarter

The foodservice equipment and supplies industry continued to chug along in the third quarter of 2014, according to the MAFSI Barometer, posting a 4.5% increase. The Barometer, which tracks manufacturers’ reps’ quarterly sales trends versus the year prior quarter, is maintained by the Manufacturers’ Agents Association for the Foodservice Industry. The gain compares with a record 6.1% jump in the second quarter and a weak 2.4% increase in the first quarter. Sales increased 4.3% in the third quarter last year.

Supplies and tabletop outperformed equipment sales in the quarter. Tabletop sales surged 5.2% and durable supplies sales rose 4.7%. In contrast, equipment sales were up 4.4% and furnishings sales rose 3.8%. It was the best quarter for furnishings since the second quarter of 2011.

Reps in the West reported the strongest sales gains, up 6.4% overall, with a 7% jump in equipment sales. The Northeast saw the slowest sales with an overall increase of 3.3% and a gain of only 2.5% for equipment. Overall sales in the South increased 4.3%, the Midwest saw a 4.1% gain, and sales in Canada were up 5.4%

The trends on quotation and consultant activity also remained positive, with 42% of reps doing more quotations (versus 20% doing less) and 43% seeing more consultant activity (versus only 15% seeing less activity.)

The reps’ forecast for the fourth quarter is still quite positive, projected at 4.1%.

The association will release its new expanded report, which tracks sales trends for eight equipment categories, and its forecast for 2014, later in the month.

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MAFSI Barometer Up 4.5% In Third Quarter

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