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PRODUCTS: February 2014

If your operation is on the smallish side, and private party rooms aren’t possible within your square footage, take a cue from Retro Bistro, a popular French restaurant in Mount Prospect, Ill. Owners Chris and Lorraine Barth came up with a clever way to divide their dining room into separate areas: a custom-made, half height partition that rolls on hidden wheels. Shaped in an L, the rolling partition is made of wood and painted and trimmed to match the restaurant’s décor. It’s topped with panels of glass that span between brass posts. The Barths commissioned an artist to etch the glass panels with images of fish, grapes, harps and other fanciful designs. Set in place, the partition looks like part of the architecture of the restaurant. But if a private party books an event or the restaurant offers a special wine-and-food tasting, a couple of employees can roll and position the partition anywhere in the dining room, enclosing just the right number of tables to accommodate the exact number of guests for the event. The partition lets the operators create custom-sized event spaces that are semi-private and effectively separated. And they can do it without having to dedicate precious square footage to a permanent private event space, which could stand empty when not booked.

Enjoy the beauty and durability of new Alibi Barware & Stemware from Carlisle FoodService Products. Alibi is dishwasher safe and offers the clear look and feel of glass with the break resistance of plastic. The barware is made of BPA-free SAN, while the elegant stemware is made of shatterproof polycarbonate. Available in 15 sizes, Alibi is excellent for bar and beverage service wherever glass breakage can be a problem, especially outdoor, rooftop or poolside serving applications. Let this collection elevate the look and feel of your operation while saving you money.
Carlisle FoodService Products

Comstock-Castle’s Model FK430 is ideal for large cooking pots, featuring 4 40,000-Btu burners in lieu of the 6 burners normally found on a 36-in. range frame at half of the cost of a “hotel range.” FK4 series cooktop options include an 18-in.W flat-top griddle, raised griddle-broiler or charbroiler. The series also features a 31½-in.W standard oven for better airflow around common 26-in. sheet pans. For maximum oven production, a convection option is available. The ranges feature sturdy welded frames and are insulated with a 2-in. clearance rating, allowing them to be safely and efficiently placed next to refrigeration.
Comstock-Castle Stove Co. Inc.

Cres Cor’s newest additions to its line of patent-pending Hot Cube family of heated cabinets are now available in full-size and half-size versions. These units (models HC-UA-11-1 and HC-UA-5-1) have the ability to hold a variety of foods or other items warm and safe even when electricity is disrupted or not available. Simple-to-use and cost-effective 1-lb. propane tanks provide a steady source of heat for hours at a time. These units easily adapt to larger propane tanks for all-day events. Heat-treated front-door graphics allow for customization, and rugged casters ease transport even over the roughest terrain. The full- and half-size tandem of outdoor active heat-regenerating holding cabinets never need to be plugged in.
Cres Cor

Expanding beverage menus mean more equipment than ever is being used in foodservice operations. Now, you have more water lines to manage and must spend more time identifying and tracing those lines. With Everpure SimpliFlow Water Management Systems, you can organize your back-of-house water lines and manage your water by water-quality profiles and application. The adaptable manifold system also features easy line shutoff for servicing. There are a variety of configurations available to meet your specific needs, including single-standard, single-split, twin and quad systems. You will appreciate how easy it is to add new beverage equipment in the future.
Everpure/Pentair Foodservice

Franklin Machine Products puts an ergonomic spin on fryer-basket handles with its EZ Grip line. The EZ Grip is a vinyl-coated handle with an innovative design that is a better fit for the natural shape of your hand when gripping. The different shape means less “squeezing,” which translates to reduced stress on the hand, wrist and forearm. The improved grip also provides better leverage when turning the basket to dump its contents. The FMP line of fry baskets includes the EZ Grip basket, which is a regular fry basket with a vinyl-coated EZ Grip handle, and the EZ Grip Plus, which also comes with patented corner reinforcement and a double front hook. The durable baskets feature a 2-yr. guarantee.
Franklin Machine Products

The Hanson Streamline Series heat lamps and carving stations provide a clean, modern look for food presentation. Solid welded stainless construction delivers durability and ease of cleaning. The series includes free-standing portable heat lamps, carving stations with or without sneeze guards and ceiling-mounted heat lamps. Matching Cutaway carving boards are available to complement portable heat lamps. All models can be ordered with custom specifications, including finish, dimensions and custom glass etching for sneeze guards. Standard finishes are Mirror Polished Stainless Steel, Brushed Stainless Steel and Black.
Hanson Brass

Hoshizaki’s CRMR27-8 front-vent refrigeration system has an innovative front-breathing airflow design that allows it to fit into tight, compact spaces with zero clearance required at the sides and back. It also distributes air evenly to maintain food product at required NSF serving temperatures with a patent-pending air-distribution duct. The stainless hood is insulated for additional energy savings. Spring-assisted self-closing doors with stay-open feature have an extruded aluminum door handle that will not break like traditional plastic handles. The stepped door design protects the gasket from rips caused by serving pans being removed from the storage compartment, and the magnetic door gasket is easily removable for cleaning. The entire machine is backed by a 2-yr. parts-and-labor warranty with an additional 3-yr. warranty on the compressor.
Hoshizaki America Inc.

Escali R-Series Portion Control Scales feature multiple platform sizes, an optional foot-pedal tare feature and a wired remote display that can be mounted in several configurations to optimize efficiency. The scales have a 6ó-in. platform for compact workstations and a 12-in. platform for applications that require a larger surface area. The stainless platforms are removable for easy cleaning, and each model allows for the same display-mounting options. Designed to be flexible for you to adapt to your unique work environment, the multi-mount display can attach to the front of the scale, be mounted with a raised arm to the rear of the scale, be attached to a wall or float freely anywhere as needed.

CoverMate Food Covers allow you to quickly and easily cover bowls, plates or trays of food. Able to fit any shape, the products’ FlexBand technology stretches to cover a dish then snaps securely in place. BPA- and PVC-free, the covers are made from U.S. Federal Department of Agriculture compliant food-safe material; they also are microwavable, reusable and dishwasher safe. Tiny corner vents allow steam to escape. Cheaper than foil or plastic lids, the clear covers help reduce waste. The covers are available in small (2-5 in.) to XXL (18-28 in.) sizes.
Touch Industries

Check fryer oil temperature and calibrate your fryer thermostats regularly. Temps too high, above 365°F, lead to rapid oil degradation. Temps below 300°F cause foods to soak up oil.

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