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Heritage Group Becomes 100% Genuine OEM Parts Provider

Heritage Foodservice Group has announced that it is shifting its focus and now solely will provide genuine original equipment manufacturer repair and replacement parts to the commercial kitchen industry. The Fort Wayne, Ind., company will no longer include a mix of either direct-source or generic parts in its offering to customers. Heritage says that while it has always directly represented more OEMs than any other foodservice parts distributor, this move better positions it to fully support its OEM partners and serve its customers.

“Through extensive research, we learned that Heritage was too often perceived as a provider of generic parts in direct conflict with the interests of our OEM suppliers, despite the fact that more than 94% of our sales were OEM,” said Heritage CEO John McDonough. “We also uncovered that our customers overwhelmingly want genuine OEM parts because of their performance, longevity, safety and warranty protection. We believe now is the right time to focus on providing 100% genuine OEM parts to strengthen our product offering, our customer relationships and our commitments to our OEMs. It is our aspiration to become the OEMs’ partner of choice through service, rather than simply as a result of our scale.”

Heritage is North America’s leading provider of genuine OEM repair and replacement parts and authorized aftermarket service for commercial and institutional kitchen equipment. Founded in 1987, it is comprised of five business units: Heritage Parts and Heritage Service in the U.S. and Heritage Canada, R.G. Henderson and Key Food Equipment Services in Canada.

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