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Wholesale Food Prices Moderate For Second Consecutive Month, Maybe

After four straight months of increases in wholesale food prices, prices in June fell for the second straight month across all stages of demand, according to Producer Price Index data from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics released July 16. But at the consumer level, grocery-store and menu prices continued to rise.

Wholesale food prices fell 0.2% at the final demand stage for the second consecutive month. But within the “finished” category, a subset of final demand, wholesale food prices were up 0.4% with meats, vegetables and some baked goods showing increases.

Food prices also fell at earlier stages of processing. At the intermediate demand level, foods and feeds prices fell 0.1%, and at the unprocessed state, prices fell 3% after a 2.3% decrease last month.

Meanwhile, data from the BLS Consumer Price Index released July 22 show grocery-store prices, which rose 2.2% January through May, were flat in June, as decreased prices for dairy products, fruits and vegetables, cereals and baked goods offset increases for meats, poultry and eggs. For the past 12 months, food at home prices stand 2.4% higher. Menu prices rose 0.2% in June. For the past 12 months, menu prices are up 2.2%.

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