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NRA Seeks Help On Food Donation & Food Waste Survey

Where does the U.S.’ uneaten food go? Every year the country’s 312.7 million people are disposing of approximately 80 billion lb. of food waste—that’s more than 250 lb. of food per person being thrown out and buried in landfills annually.

The National Restaurant Association has partnered with the Grocery Manufacturers Association and the Food Marketing Institute to form the Food Waste Reduction Alliance, which aims to reduce the amount of food waste generated, recycle unavoidable food waste and increase the amount of safe, nutritious food donated to food banks.

The FWRA is surveying operators to better understand how much food is being donated, how much food waste is being recycled or recovered and how much is sent to landfills and other waste-disposal facilities in the U.S. The group is ensuring confidentiality by asking Business for Social Responsibility to handle all of the data; results will be presented only to the FWRA in the aggregate without attribution to any company, and all identifying information will be removed before providing the aggregated data to FWRA members.

You can direct operators toward the survey here.

Questions can be answered and additional information provided about this survey by Laura Abshire at NRA 202/973-5380 or Corinna Kester at BSR 415/984-3244.

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