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Shuttle Continues Ovention Awards Run

Last year, the revolutionary Ovention Matchbox speed cooking oven was honored with a Kitchen Innovations 2013 Award presented by the National Restaurant Association Restaurant, Hotel-Motel Show. And THIS year, our new Shuttle oven has been named a 2014 honoree! Like the Matchbox, it cooks rapidly without texture-damaging microwaves. Instead, it uses an advanced Precision Impingement convection for remarkable cooking quality and menu flexibility, from pizza to paninis to grilled veggies. Its unique layout, with auto loading and unloading, means no overcooking, ever. Controls are programmable for 1,000 menu items. It's cool, quiet, enclosed and UL-ventless, so you can put it just about anywhere. And for rush periods, the Shuttle offers a conveyor mode.
Ovention Inc.

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