Foodservice Equipment Reports

Staggering Slicing Stability

The all-stainless Tomato Laser Slicer has an exclusive staggered blade cartridge, which ensures a perfectly sliced tomato every time and allows fast and easy slicing of even very ripe tomatoes, increasing productivity and product yield. A 6-in.-deep pan fits under blade assembly allowing for bulk slicing and faster production. The heavy-duty suction cup feet keep the unit in place no matter where it is used. The quick-change blade cartridge is easy to remove and has a wash guard that makes it safe and easy to clean. Easily disassembled, without tools, the entire unit fits in a standard dish rack for thorough dishwasher safe cleaning. The Tomato Laser is available in 3/16, 3/8 and 1/4-in. slicing thicknesses.
Edlund Co. LLC

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