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New York State Shows A Little Puppy Love

New York State health laws banning dogs from the al fresco dining experience have been bagged.

By a 60-0 vote on May 20, the State Senate approved a bill that lets foodservice establishments welcome dogs—if accompanied by a diner—into their outdoor eating areas. The State Assembly now is reviewing its version of the same bill. If the measure is approved, individual restaurants will be allowed to set their own policy. They still could bar dogs from outdoor areas or create separate sections for patrons with dogs.

Among other rules: Dogs will have to be kept on leashes, and they and their owners will have to be provided an alternate entrance so the animals do not enter restaurants. They will not be allowed into any outdoor areas where food is prepared. “Single-use disposable containers,” better known as communal pet drinking bowls, are allowed.

New York’s bill resembles legislation signed into law by California last year allowing dogs in outdoor restaurants. Cat partisans in both states note that the bills make no mention of allowing felines in outdoor restaurants.

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