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PRODUCTS: June 2015

Product Spotlight
Bartenders like to free pour; bar owners like to control costs. The Skyflo liquor-dispensing system from Wunder-Bar makes everybody happy by allowing free pouring while measuring and recording every drop. In a typical bar, the amount of liquor in an adult beverage depends on the bartender. Some bartenders are better trained than others, some over pour or under pour, some give drinks away and some like to top off a jigger—but no matter how it happens, inconsistent pours impact profits. Skyflo, which the company says can increase profits by $5-$10 per bottle, comprises tap spouts that fit onto all traditional liquor—and wine—bottles. Bartenders can choose from 3 pour amounts by tapping a button on the spout. If a bottle runs out mid-pour, the spout seamlessly carries the information about where the pour left off to the next bottle. The spouts wirelessly transmit the amount of liquor poured—along with the brand, bartender, date and time—to a master unit that interfaces with the restaurant’s register or POS system. Charging keys, which fit over the top of the spout, allow the spout to be recharged while the bottle is still in use, but you’ll get 6,000 pours before it’s needed. Charger keys themselves recharge in a unit on the backbar. Skyflo software is cloud-based, meaning you can keep tabs on bar activity from anywhere. The software also generates all kinds of reports, such as which drinks and brands are selling, inventory status and more. Every tap is monitored by the software as well, so you know when taps need charging or have been turned off or removed. The company also offers a version of this technology for draft-beer lines called Beerflo.

Enterprise APS Series digital scales are ideal for precise portion weighing in pizza parlors, delis, bakeries and more. The APS Series now can be equipped with an optional piezo tare button to expedite production in busy food-prep settings. The stainless, waterproof piezo tare button, 1 1/10-in. in diameter, can be mounted on the wall, countertop or countertop side and is rugged enough to stand up to tough kitchen environments. The tare button allows prep cooks to weigh and then zero off the weight of each new ingredient as it’s added when building such items as pizzas or sandwiches. When done, just remove the finished product to see the total weight.

Thanks to its dramatic sound-reduction capabilities, The Quiet One from Vitamix is ideal for any front-of-house drink-preparation installation. The machine’s 6 function settings and 34 programs allow for consistent beverage preparation and quick speed of service. An innovative air-management system keeps the unit cool and, along with the powerful 3-hp motor, improves reliability and reduces down time. Adding to the machine’s appeal is the 48-oz. Advance container, which delivers a long blade life and features a built-in, dripless pour spout.

Master-Bilt’s new 26-in.D backbars are ideal for shallow spaces, available in 48-, 60- and 72-in. widths and, at 35 3/8-in. high, can stack up to 3 tall-boy beers vertically. Epoxy-coated shelves adjust on 1-in. increments. Door locks, adjustable temperature control and LED interior lighting are standard. The coolers feature a highly efficient forced-air refrigeration system with corrosion-resistant evaporator coils and standard condensate evaporators. All models feature stainless tops, a black-vinyl-coated steel finish on front, sides and back; a galvanized interior; and a stainless floor. A slide-out condensing unit behind the front grille allows for easy cleaning and service.

Hobart is introducing the new Advansys LXGe glass washer, specifically designed to clean and sanitize glassware in bars and restaurants. The new Energy Star-qualified washer produces cleaner glasses by eliminating chemical sanitizers, resulting in better-tasting drinks and an improved customer experience. Using 0.62 gal. of water per rack, the LXGeR model uses high-temperature rinsing from a cold-water supply, eliminating the need for chemical sanitizers. Using 1.14 gal. of water per rack, the LXGePR model uses potable water to thoroughly rinse away chemical sanitizers and smells from the final product.
Hobart/ITW FEG

Extending its line of wells, Hatco introduces Countertop Heated Wells for you to integrate into your establishments. Versatile and reliable, the wells keep foods hot and fresh. The HW Countertop Series is a hold-only operation, while the CHW Countertop Series acts as a rethermalizer and holds foods as well. Both series can be operated in wet or dry mode, but they perform best when the units are used with water. A pan edge offset on the well helps keep condensation from dripping onto the countertop surface. The wells feature a lighted on/off rocker switch and adjustable temperature dial.
Hatco Corp.

Follett announces the availability of new base-stand options for its popular Symphony Plus ice and water dispensers. The new base stands feature factory installed and plumbed filter systems, so an installer needs only to make external connections for water and electricity. The pre-installed filter systems cut down on onsite installation time by approximately 1 hr., provide easy filter access at the front of the base unit and eliminate the need to mount filters on a wall behind the unit. The 3 water-filtration systems currently available are: a standard-capacity carbon system, a high-capacity carbon system and a high-capacity carbonless system. The 2 carbon systems also remove chlorine, off tastes and odors, while the carbonless system allows chlorine and chloramines from municipal water supplies to pass through, helping inhibit bacteria growth.
Follett Corp.

Vulcan’s new C24EA LWE is the first Energy Star-qualified a la carte, countertop, generator-based convection steamer. The low-water model uses 90% less water and 30% less energy than comparable units, saving you money and energy without sacrificing cooking quality. Lower water usage also reduces scale buildup, so cleaning and maintenance are less frequent. The unit’s filters last longer and only need replacing once per year.
Vulcan/ITW FEG

Ohio-based Hall China designs and manufacturers Foundry, a ceramic dinnerware line that captures the look and characteristic feel of cast iron without the worry of rusting. The dishwasher-safe, oven-to-table collection highlights specialty baking dishes, servingware and center-of-the-table items. With sweeping cavities and attractive shapes, the line is molded to impress. This complete line of dinnerware, bakeware and servingware distributes heat evenly and can stand the toughest tests of temperature and time. The line’s high-quality glaze always appears unblemished and delivers a distinct personality that will “wow” guests.
Hall China Co./HLC Inc.

The Solstice Cold/Hot Server Model HC380-CT can go from serving cold items to hot items within a 45-min. period. Temperatures range from 23°F-50°F for cold holding and 120°F-185°F for hot holding. The server comes with an 8-qt. die-cast aluminum, nonstick-finish insert pan; divided pans are available, as well. The attractive unit features a durable, easy-to-clean, titanium-colored finish over a stainless exterior. The hinged cover is mirror-polished stainless with a tempered glass insert so guests can see inside. Solstice uses little energy at 230W, runs on 120V/1.9 amps and is ETL and NSF approved.
Spring USA

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