PRODUCTS: April 2016

Horizon 1010 and 1410 Chewblet ice machines, made by Follett Corp., introduce fresh water on the harvest end of the evaporator, which enables the units to quarantine total dissolved solids (TDS) and through frequent small-volume flushes, expel TDS out of the machines and down the drain. This breakthrough technology reduces scale buildup and produces pure ice with optimal dispensing qualities—all without using high amounts of water. Conventional extruded ice systems feed fresh water opposite the harvest end and rarely, if ever, flush TDS. “The key benefit of the Horizon machine is its ability to function at a high performance level in all types of water conditions,” notes Scott Bingham, Follett’s Product Marketing Manager. “The machines also substantially reduce or even eliminate the need to have a reverse osmosis system in tough water conditions that would normally require them.” One manager of a regional burger chain tested the Horizon system in challenging water conditions at a number of units for up to 12 months and found the machines continuously produced clean ice, with no detected buildup of scale. Model 1010 produces up to 1,000 lb./hr. and model 1410 turns out 1,350 lb./hr. Both feature R404a refrigerant with zero ozone depletion potential.

Not enough space under the hood? Groen’s Vortex100 connectionless steamer, available in 3- and 6-pan models, comes with an optional condensate cap. The cap catches the steam that is produced continuously when the steamer is in use, condenses it into water and redirects it to a drain line—all to protect your ceilings from continuous steam venting. The Vortex100 works well in small and medium-duty operations that lack water- or drain-line connections. With its boilerless design, the unit uses less than 2 1/2 gal./hr. of water in heavy use, comes with a 4-gal., fully-accessible reservoir and is Energy Star certified.
Groen/Unified Brands

The CT PROformance Combitherm oven line helps expand menu offerings by providing versatility in high-production kitchens. Consider the units as alternatives to convection ovens, kettles, steamers, fryers, smokers and dehydrators. Holding 7 full-size sheet pans, the CTP7-20, for instance, features PROpower, which delivers an instant turbo boost of heat to accelerate production up to 20% faster than other combi ovens, and up to 80% faster than convection technology. The Absolute Humidity Control system allows you to select any humidity level from 0% to 100%; the system helps you maximize food quality, texture and yield. An auto-reversing fan delivers balanced airflow for ideal product browning, texture and finish. PROtouch control offers customizable recipe management. The CTP7-20 measures 43 3/4-in.W x 46 15/16-in.D x 38 3/16-in.H.

Created to meet the requirements of high-end facilities, the fully- customized thermaline M2M – Made To Measure cooking suite features more than 40 different equipment options—from traditional gas to electric functions—to suit your preferences. Produced in Switzerland, the cooking suite can include open burners, electric griddles, free-cooking tops, aquacookers (used for sous-vide, as bain maries or pasta cookers), chargrills, fryers, pass-through ovens, warming cabinets and refrigerated and freezer bases.
Electrolux Professional

Red Goat Disposer’s A Series models are the ideal solution for salad or vegetable prep areas in small-, medium- or large-sized kitchens serving anywhere from 300 meals to 2,000 meals per hr., or for processing up to 900 lb. of food waste per hr. Choose a motor with 1 1/2 hp for light use, 2 hp for standard use or 3 hp or 5 hp for heavy-duty use. The waste chamber comes with either a 4 1/2-in. or 7-in. throat size. The control panel includes auto-reverse technology, which is designed to double the life of wearing parts and to automatically help free potential obstructions. The Eco-Mizer option conserves energy and water by shutting off the disposer when not in use.
Red Goat Disposers/Somat

Simply push a button to create specialty coffee beverages with barista quality using the C200 and C250FM compact, automatic-brewing machines. The machines rely on ingredient-packed capsules manufactured by K-fee System GmbH. Use the intuitive, easy-to-use display, featuring up to 8 languages, to choose the product you wish to brew. The self-cleaning machines automatically clean the water outlets and brewing components at regular intervals to remove residue from previously-brewed drinks. The C250FM comes equipped with Foammaster technology, which prepares milk foam from fresh milk. This model sports a 4-ltr. water tank, a 5-ltr. milk container, a container that holds about 30 capsules and an optional permanent water connection.
Franke Coffee Systems/Franke

The Somat MP4/B5 System processes food waste for low-volume operations. Choose a close-coupled (self-contained) or remote (custom) configuration. The unit arrives from the factory pre-piped, reducing labor time for installation. The MP4/B5 System delivers impressive results in a space-saving design; it reduces waste volume up to 87% and keeps solids from the municipal waste system. Processing food waste at 700 lb./hr., the MP4/B5 System is your solution for small-scale pulping.
Somat Co./ITW FEG

Created to enhance flavor and grow menu offerings, the SmokeFit is a stand-alone smoker that is ideal for smoking meat, poultry and fish. To start smoking the desired dish, simply fill the stainless smoking unit with dry wood chips and place it into the combi steamer. The SmokeFit can be used with any combi steamer and guarantees a safe and even smoke generation. The smoker is easy to use and provides a special smoke flavor to dishes, taking only 15-20 min. to produce smoke.
Eloma/Ali Group

Prism serves as the latest pattern of premium glassware added to Libbey’s Master’s Reserve collection. Boasting an angular design, the glassware lends itself to creatively presenting wine and cocktails. The modern, curved design provides a visual cue to control pour volume. The glassware has a large surface area, allowing wine to breathe, a wide, deep bowl to concentrate aromas and a flat foot for maximum stability. Choose from a 13-oz., 16-oz. or 20-oz. wine glass, 24-oz. red wine glass or an 8-oz. flute. Clean the glassware in a dishwasher or by hand.
Libbey Foodservice/Libbey

These thin, real-wood veneers, called Timberchic, easily stick to the front of bars, hostess stands, dining-room accent walls and other surfaces for an affordable, do-it-yourself upgrade. Made from old logs pulled from a Northern Maine river, the strips come pre-sealed and pre-finished with fire-retardant coating and are available in varying widths, lengths and custom stains. Applying the strips is as easy as peeling the backing and sticking the veneer to the desired surface. Use the J-roller, sold separately, to apply 20 psi to 25 psi to the planks after placement; pay special attention to the ends and edges of the planks. Applying pressure ensures the double-sided tape properly bonds to the surface.
Maine Heritage Timber

MEIKO’s award-winning K-Tronic rack conveyor warewasher, in single or multiple-tank configurations, has a waste-air heat-recovery system that reclaims the heat generated by the washing and sanitizing cycles and uses it to preheat incoming water. That means the machine achieves hot water sanitizing temperatures even with an initial cold-water supply. The machine is double-wall insulated for energy-efficient operation. A MIKE 3 electronic controller delivers easy, automatic operation and maintenance diagnostics. You’ll save on water, energy and chemical consumption while stacking super clean wares. Single tank washes 240 racks/6,000 dishes/hr. using .35 gal./rack.; multiple tank, 306 racks/7,650 dishes/hr. using .28 gal./rack.

Henny Penny’s Evolution Elite uses 40% less oil per vat than traditional open-vat fryers but still delivers precision cook times and temperatures (with presets for up to 40 items) and recovers fast. Using nearly half the oil means you get 14 days of frying from the same amount of oil—double the industry average. Evolution Elite, in gas or electric and in 4 models with from 1 to 4 wells, allows you to filter on the fly in 4 min. or less with its SmartFilter Express system while Oil Guardian monitors oil levels and automatically tops-off to the optimum level.
Henny Penny

Merrychef’s eikon e2s high-speed oven enables you to prepare fresh, hot food on demand where space is at a premium. Rapid Cooking Technology combines 3 heat technologies—tuned impingement, microwave and convection. Measuring 14-in.W x 23 2/5-in.D x 24 2/5-in.H, the oven sports UL-certified ventless cooking capabilities through a built-in catalytic converter and cooks up to 20 times faster than a conventional oven.
Merrychef/Manitowoc Foodservice

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