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PRODUCTS: August 2016

For Kevin Cook, Owner of 10 McDonald’s, cleaning an exhaust hood and flue traditionally involved hiring an outside service crew to come in on a quarterly basis, shut down the kitchen and scrape or power wash grease buildup, often leaving a mess for his staffers to clean up. He paid $400-$600 for each cleaning. Ready for a smarter solution, Cook had Restaurant Technologies’ AutoMist, an automatic cleaning system for hoods, flues and fans, installed at his Paynesville, Minn., restaurant a year and a half ago. The system automatically cleans the restaurant’s 3 hoods by spraying the equipment with detergent and water, inhibiting the hazardous buildup of grease. The system comprises sprayers, situated inside the hood behind the filters and up the flue to the exhaust fan; a control box, containing a pump, detergent and timing mechanism; and tubing to allow discharge to flow to a drain or bucket. “Before installing AutoMist, we struggled with the quality of work performed by outside service agents we hired to clean our exhaust stacks,” Cook says. “AutoMist provides peace of mind knowing that the stacks are clean whereas before, you never really knew because it’s hard to look up the stacks. The system also lessens the risk that fire will spread into the hoods and up the flues; I plan on installing the system in my other restaurants.” AutoMist earned a 2016 National Restaurant Association Kitchen Innovations Award.
Restaurant Technologies

Keating’s Model No. 14 IFM Instant Recovery Gas Fryer with new burner technology lets you cook 72 lb./hr. of frozen fries or chicken with an input of only 79,000 Btu. Save up to 40% in energy costs on this Energy Starrated model. Instant Recovery means the unit fries foods at lower temperatures (325°F-335°F), extending oil life while enhancing product quality. Indicating lights tell the status of the fryer at all times. Other standard features on this 38-lb. capacity fryer include a stainless cabinet, a polished stainless drawn pot with seamless coved corners and an extra-large cold zone.
Keating Of Chicago

TurboChef’s Double Batch impingement countertop oven comes with 2 rapid cook cavities. Cooking up to 40 16-in., fresh-dough pizzas per hr. with minimal countertop space requirements, the Double Batch doesn’t require Type I or II ventilation. Throughput can be doubled because the unit is stackable, meaning 4 cavities in 1 small, ventless footprint. The oven also uses integrated cloud-based Wi-Fi for remote menu management and data analysis. The Double Batch stores up to 128 recipes (64 per cavity) and uses an innovative split-screen capacitive-touch interface to manage both ovens simultaneously. Variable speed blowers, oscillating racks and catalytic converters minimize energy consumption, eliminate odors and enhance food quality.

Advance Tabco’s Wood Top Bakers Tables sport laminated 1 3/4-in.-thick hardwood tops with 4-in. coved corner risers. Choose from lengths of 48 in., 60 in., 72 in., 84 in. and 96 in. and widths of 30 in. or 36 in. The BST-BGT Series comes with a 3-tier drawer unit; the legs bolt onto the table base. On the BS-BG Series, the aluminum die cast clamps secure the undershelf to the legs, eliminating unsightly nuts and bolts; the undershelf is adjustable. On the TBS-TBG Series, the front-to-back stretchers are welded to the legs; the left-to-right stretcher is bolted to the legs and requires assembly. Spice bins and shelf are available.
Advance Tabco

Bar Maid’s FLY-BYE line of products gives you effective tools to help control fruit flies. Fruit flies are not just a nuisance, they’re a major sanitation issue for your operation. Fruit flies love ripened fruits and vegetables as well as fermented beverages, liquor, beer and wine. They breed in floor drains, bottles and cans, trash and recycling containers...virtually any damp area with spillage or attractive residues. The FLY-BYE Fruit Fly Trap uses a 2-part, food-based attractant to entice fruit flies into the trap where they are unable to escape. The traps are recyclable, non-toxic and last up to 30 days.
Bar Maid

These universal deck plates (4 in. or 8 in. versions) make upgrading faucets easier with the limitations of existing sink configurations. The deck plates allow single-shank products—such as single-lever faucets—to be installed in nearly any sink by smoothly covering and sealing unused holes. Mounting hardware holds the plates securely in place and heavy-duty, forged-brass construction ensures long-lasting durability. A change in size makes the vandal-resistant deck plates adaptable to nearly every sink configuration, and gaskets provide a tight seal and smooth fit and finish. The deck plates also include threaded studs and flange nuts.
T&S Brass

Reduce the risk of cross contamination by using Saf-T-Grip Cutting Boards from San Jamar. The patented hook makes for sanitary transport and storage. Integrated anti-slip grips securely hold the board in place. Durable co-polymer material will not warp. Choose from blue, brown, green, red, white or yellow boards. Dimensions range from 12-in.W x 9-in.D x 3/8-in.H to 24-in.W x 18-in.D 1/2-in.H.
San Jamar

Homer Laughlin has added Nadia, the first refined coupe-shape dinnerware in the company’s durable, affordable ivory body collection. Featuring plates and platters, mugs, bowls and saucers, the Nadia line is also available with Homer Laughlin’s Arctic White glaze, bringing an additional level of sophistication in brilliant pure white. Smooth and graceful, Nadia’s rimless coupe style and gently curving edges “cradle” the food. The open feel of the line lends itself to every creative whim, with maximum plating space and sturdy, stackable flexibility. Nadia is easy to serve on and robust enough for even the most active operations.
Homer Laughlin/HLC Inc.

Anthony’s Mini-Roller System makes for faster restocking and increased sales from enhanced product visibility and accessibility. Driven by gravity, the Mini-Roller System is a 1-piece roller shelf surface that enables multiple-sized facings on the same shelf to slide smoothly and independently to the front of the shelf as items are removed. Available for shelves made by many manufacturers, the unit is easy to assemble and install while offering flexibility for fast configuration changes.

Nemco’s new Hot Holding Cabinet was originally developed for popular boxed pizza deliver y and takeout applications, but is an ideal solution for any food-service or c-store looking to front load orders ahead of rush times. The Hot Holding Cabinet features a commercial-grade, stainless body with a multi-rack system, a crystal-clear, scratch-resistant, tempered glass door and simple controls. The internal temperature is factor y preset in the optimum, oven-fresh holding range between 145°F-187°F. Staffers hit the rocker switch to turn it on and the unit heats in 30 min. The door features a self-drawing closure capability. A bright, digital display makes it easy to monitor the temperature from across the room. If the holding temperatures are compromised from the door being left open or other malfunction, a red service light signals the problem. The Hot Holding Cabinet is available in a countertop or floor unit with a reversible door.
Nemco Food Equipment

Stero’s SD3 door-type warewasher provides excellent cleaning results with only .85 gal. of water per rack. Available in high and low temp units, the Stero SD3 can process 58 racks/hr. with the high-temp model, or 65 racks/hr. with the low temp model. Simple, digital controls show wash and rinse temperatures. Upper and lower spray arms are interchangeable and don’t require special tools for removal or replacing after cleaning. A large, heavy-duty scrap basket collects food waste, helping to keep wash water clear of debris. The unit has adjustable wash cycles of 1, 2 or 4 min. to accommodate varying food soil conditions.

Portable and lightweight, Vollrath’s Cubic Buffet System includes bowls, pedestals, beverage dispensers, cutting boards, platters and more that easily combine into a wide array of display options and configurations. With many stackable options, the cubic line saves valuable storage space when not in use and is quick to assemble for a fast buffet setup and takedown. The unique pedestal choices maximize buffet space with more vertical presentation options. The square melamine bowls are available in white, black, blue, red, yellow and green. The system also accommodates standard-size steamtable pans on applicable products.
Vollrath Co.

Hoshizaki America has upgraded its Commercial Series refrigeration units with a stainless interior. Its 1-, 2- and 3-section upright refrigeration units feature dynamic ducted airflow within the all-stainless cabinet construction, allowing for optimum air circulation and even temperatures at each shelf level. Use of thermoplastic expansion valve technology regulates refrigeration flow for faster recovery and efficient operation. The durable units use top-mount refrigeration, superior insulated walls and door as well as preinstalled stem casters.
Hoshizaki America

Food Warming Equipment’s ventless oven solutions now include the G2 series of low-temp cook and hold ovens, which passed tests put forth by the EPA (Method 202) and the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA 96). By preventing grease-laden vapors and smoke from escaping, the G2 series ovens supply cost and space savings along with a wide range of installation options. The series includes full-size, mid-size and undercounter models, all aimed at reducing food shrinkage and increasing food quality, taste and appearance. The insulated, stainless ovens range in size from 39-in.W x 27 1/2-in.D x 71 1/4-in.H to 39-in.W x 27 1/2-in.D x 33 1/2-in.H.
FWE/Food Warming Equipment

Vulcan’s countertop Low Water Energy Steamer uses 90% less water and 50% less energy than traditional models. The Energy Star-rated unit also requires less filter maintenance and less cleaning of scale buildup. The LWE Steamer has a stainless exterior and cooking compartment with coved interior corners and is available with 3 or 5-pan capacity.
Vulcan/ITW FEG

Montague’s Legend range tops feature 3 12-in.W x 31-in.D open burners with cast-iron top grates; 2 30,000 Btu/hr. lift-off star burners; automatic, standing pilots; and drip pans below. Ovens feature a front vent design that delivers consistent baking temperatures (low to 500°F) throughout the porcelain-lined interior. Standard ovens, 6-in. deeper than convection ovens at 28 1/2-in.D, include a 40,000-Btu cast-iron burner and accept pans length- and width-wise; convection ovens also have a 40,000-Btu burner. Racks and guides are nickel-coated and the counter-weighted door seals tight without springs or a gasket. Range is constructed of satin-finish stainless, front and exterior bottom; other surfaces painted black with electrolytic zinc undercoating.
Montague Co.

The SCK Food Safety Manager is a cloud based monitoring system that converts manual written checklists to a paperless process that can be customized to match existing paper forms. Among its features, FSM automatically prompts and records remedial actions as well as automatically tracks temperatures. The FSM eliminates the need for labor-intensive HACCP paper forms and as the data is stored in the cloud, its checklists can be accessed from anywhere at any time.
Kitchen Brains

Beverage-Air’s Presto Series models operate much like glass-door merchandisers but without traditional doors. The series sports Smart Flex technology—a wing-like door system that automatically opens when a customer steps close to the case to access product, and then quickly closes after the customer’s made a selection. (There are no handles to pull or doors to hold open so, the customer can solely focus on grabbing product.) These models enhance product visibility and lower power consumption; depending on use, an operator can reach an energy savings of more than 40%.
Beverage-Air/Ali Group

Irinox’s MultiFresh blast chiller (MF 70.1 L) combines chilling functions (cooling, freezing, thawing, chocolate) and warming functions (low-temp cooking, regeneration, pasteurization, proofing, holding), and operates via MyA, a touchscreen interface with 7-in. screen. Patented features include the MultiRack adjustable tray rack that doubles tray capacity; Multi sensor 5-point probe (attached to the door) that can trigger auto-start and delivers perfect food temperature control; and Sanigen chamber sanitizing system. Data logging in the HACCP control software is wireless for easy downloading and reporting.
Irinox USA

Use Holman’s Ultra-Max countertop electric conveyor oven (model UM1833A) with impingement technology to prepare deep-dish to thin-crust pizzas, pretzels, desserts, appetizers and more. The oven measures 30.4-in.D x 20-in.H; length depends on the stainless, 18-in.W conveyor belt, which is available in 33 or 50-in.L. Easy-to-use electronic controls with an LED display provide time, temperature and programming options. The stackable oven typically doesn’t require ventilation; check your local codes. The stainless front panel and clamps allow easy access to the heated chamber for cleaning and changing impingement nozzle plates. Choose a 208V or 240V model.
Holman/Star Mfg.



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