Scrap Collector Shuts Down Without Operator

The Salvajor Company, the industry’s only manufacturer of advanced dish scrapping equipment for over 70 years, is pleased to announce that the Scrap Collector (S914) and Pot/Pan Scrap Collector (P914) product lines now come standard with patented sensor technology. The sensor, another Salvajor exclusive, is capable of detecting the presence of the operator. There are two additional modes of operation. Auto Start mode will put the Collector into standby if the operator leaves for longer than 4 seconds, using no water or electricity. When the operator returns, the Collector returns to normal operation. Water Saving mode uses only 0.5 gpm of fresh water if the operator leaves and includes an adjustable timer that will shut down the Collector if the operator doesn’t return. If the operator returns before the timer expires, the Collector returns to normal operation, and the timer resets.
Salvajor Co.

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