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PRODUCTS: September 2016

Step inside a Persona Wood Fired Pizzeria and the flame of a hearth oven grabs your eye. Built by Beltsville, Md.-based Marra Forni, the oven enables cooks at the chain’s 5 restaurants to prepare limitless menu items, from Neapolitan pizzas to toppings, such as roasted vegetables and meats, and desserts. “I’ve known the Marra brothers, Francesco and Enzo, for 15-20 years and the quality ovens that they build are some of the best in the world,” says Chef Glenn Cybulski, Founder and CEO of Persona ( Each Persona comes equipped with 1 or 2 Marra Forni ovens. Restaurants with 1 oven sport the Neapolitan 140 model while units that demand more volume come with 2 Neapolitan 130 models. Using a 140 model, skilled cooks prepare at 1 time 12 8-in. pizzas to 6 16-in. pizzas using a 16 3/8-sq.-ft. cooking surface. The oven heats through a combination of wood and gas; the dome and deck consist of refractory bricks with 4-in of multi-layered insulation in the dome and 8-in. in the deck. “The ovens feature old-world artisan craftsmanship but, at the same time, have façades with state-of-the-art decorative details and computer-controlled gas burners that are extremely accurate and keep the ovens at 800°F,” Cybulski says. “We use these ovens because of how they perform and how they create flawless Neapolitan pizzas. Food quality is the key to the continuing success of the brand.”
Marra Forni

Salvajor’s Scrap Collector (S914) and Pot/Pan Scrap Collector (P914) product lines now come standard with sensor technology, detecting the presence of the operator. Along with standard On/Off mode, the sensor technology adds 2 additional modes of operation—Auto Start and Water Saving. Auto Start puts the Collector into standby mode if the operator leaves for longer than 4 sec., using no water or electricity. When the operator returns, the Collector returns to normal operation. Water Saving uses only ½ gpm of fresh water if the operator leaves and includes an adjustable timer that will shut down the Collector if the operator doesn’t return. If the operator returns before the timer expires, the Collector returns to normal operation and the timer resets.
Salvajor Co.

Load, wash and unload continuously using Auto-Chlor’s UCRGlassWasher, a 3-comp., rotary glass-washing machine. Designed for high-volume, bar glass-washing applications, the compact machine measures 38-in.H with an ergonomically-positioned 22-in.H loading area. The large, 11½-in. wash cavity accepts full-size stemware, pitchers, mugs and more; the machine cleans, rinses and sanitizes in 60 sec.; it uses .82 gal. of water per cycle with a maximum of 45 gal./hr. Use the company’s recently approved EPA Safer Choice drying agent.
Auto-Chlor System

Vulcan recently debuted the VC5G gas convection oven, certified by Energy Star with a 56% cooking efficiency rating. Designed to meet the needs of high-volume operations, the VC5G has removable, dishmachine-safe doors, leading to simplified routine cleaning for kitchen staff. The VC5G also features grab-and-go racks for easy loading and unloading, digital time/temperature readouts and intuitive controls. Instead of touch pads that require multiple finger taps and an understanding of programming logic, the VC5G operates by 2 dials with gradient markings and toggle switches—similar to residential cooking equipment.
Vulcan/ITW FEG

Equip your dishroom with this stainless dish table, sporting a 3-comp. sink and available in lengths ranging from 83 in. to 119 in. The dish table has a 10½-in.H, extra-large backsplash with a tile edge and 1-piece, deep-drawn sink bowls. The 12-in.D bowls come in lengths of 16 in. or 20 in. depending on model. Other construction highlights include 16-ga. stainless (14-ga. upgrade available); stainless legs, cross bracing and bullet feet; and gussets welded to stainless channels. Opt for the K-550 rack storage.
Advance Tabco

Franke’s VariVent, a variable speed kitchen ventilation control system, reduces energy consumption of exhaust fan motors and HVAC systems. VariVent drives down exhaust airflow by automatically adjusting fan speeds to match cooking levels; it also routinely adjusts makeup air volumes to maintain the proper air balance between the dining space and kitchen. VariVent recently earned the EPA’s 2016 Energy Star Emerging Technology Award as a promising technology that has the potential to substantially reduce greenhouse gas emissions.
Franke Foodservice Systems

Nor-Lake’s enhanced Chill Smart Blast Chiller Freezer Line of self-contained cabinets rapidly and uniformly decrease the temperature of hot foods to either a chilled or frozen state, providing enhanced food safety and longer storage life. Models chill product from +194°F to +37°F in 90 min.; the freezing process takes product from +194°F to 0°F in 240 min. All models feature Food Identification Controller technology, which automatically adjusts blast-chilling cycles with a single multi-sensor probe. FIC prevents surface freezing and degradation while preserving nutritional values of the food by monitoring temperatures in the core, beneath and on the surface.

Standard features on the DishStar HT undercounter dishmachine include a 2-min. automatic cycle, powerful ¾-hp wash pump motor, built-in booster heater and a fresh water rinse. Sani-Sure technology ensures proper sanitation. Measuring 24 3/16-in.W x 25 3/8-in.D x 33 5/16-in.H, this machine works well in small restaurants, coffee shops, bars, small healthcare facilities and c-stores. It washes 24 racks/hr. and requires 1 gal. of water per rack.
Jackson WWS

This High Speed Sandwich Press (HSSP) now comes with a removable Teflon upper plate. Previous upper plates required baking paper; which employees had to discard and replace at the end of each day. But with the Teflon upper plate, the press no longer requires baking paper. Simply wipe down the Teflon upper plate at the end of the day. Under normal usage, the plate lasts for 1 month on 1 side; flip the plate and use it for another month on the opposite side. After that, you can order a new Teflon upper plate from Electrolux. In the end, you’ll save time and money by eliminating the need for baking paper and having to constantly replace them.
Electrolux Professional

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