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GALLERY: Rack-Conveyor Warewashers

The Vent-Less Rack Conveyor dishmachine incorporates a variable-speed fan and heat pump to capture 100% of the operating exhaust heat and vapor, converting it into useable energy to heat the wash and rinse water. This energy exchange saves up to 10kW over traditional rack-conveyor dishmachines. The Vent-Less Rack Conveyor emits less than 70°F cool air with very low humidity back into the dishroom. It washes 208 racks/hr., consuming .53 gal./rack.

CMA’s EST conveyor dishmachines come equipped with electrical mechanical parts—no digital boards or microprocessors—making them inexpensive to maintain. Choose a high-temp model with a built-in E-Temp booster heater, or a low-temp model for chemical sanitizing. Built with stainless for durability, the machines sport soil-purging systems with external scrap accumulators to get dishes clean the first time. These Energy Star-rated models wash 243 racks/hr. with a water consumption of .46 gal./rack.

With a capacity of up to 200 racks/hr., this 44-in. machine provides up to a 50% reduction in utility costs by reducing water and energy use with 1-pass, low-water warewashing. This model consumes .57 gal./rack of water. The Apex also automates common procedures such as end-of-day cleaning, deliming and the wash-tank change process to help make operations run more efficiently.

The CL44eR Advansys is the latest Energy Star-rated rack-conveyor warewasher from Hobart. Washing 202 racks/hr., the CL44eR features Energy Recovery and Opti-Rinse technology that, combined, can save operators more than $11,000 annually. Features include an auto-timer to save energy; tanks designed to retain water temperature and reduce energy consumption; a cascading water system to save water, energy and detergent; and self-aligning wash manifolds with anti-clogging nozzles.

This rack-conveyor dishmachine comes with an optional Ventless Reclamation System, saving up to $7,500 annually in energy costs by using environmentally friendly refrigerants to eliminate the condensate and a water heat exchanger to recapture and reuse wasted heat to heat the wash tank. With no hood requirements, this model saves hood hardware and installation costs. It’s energy efficient, using .63 gal./rack (final rinse consumption) and has a capacity of 233 racks/hr. The patented CrossFire Wash System uses high-pressure nozzles that target spray from the top, bottom and side.

The Energy Star-rated RackStar 44 conveyor dishmachine from Jackson provides superior performance while keeping water consumption at .35 gal./rack to clean 223 racks/hr. Its dual-rinse feature incorporates 2 Rainbow Rinse arms—Econo Rinse for normal operations, Turbo Rinse for heavier-soiled loads. Other features include digital LED controls, dual pawl bar system, self-cleaning wash arms, hinged doors, adjustable vent cowl collars and optional onboard booster heater.

The MEIKO M-iQ rack-conveyor dishmachine series offers high-temp sanitization with a standard built-in booster heater and multi-tank design. Standard features include heat recovery, blower dryer, active water filtration in each tank and a 3-speed conveyor. MEIKO’s unique air management improves heat retention and increases cleaning ability and efficiency. The color-coded components simplify training and cleaning. Capacity ranges 209-298 racks/hr. and water consumption .15-.21 gal./rack (both depend on model).

This Energy Star-rated, high-temp rack-conveyor dishmachine cleans as many as 219 racks/hr. using .59 gal./rack; it measures 44 in. long. Standard features include a vent fan interlock connection, built-in diagnostics, Energy Sentinel (for low water usage), anti-jam conveyor and extended vent cowls. Convert the machine’s direction of operation in the field; the model sports single-point water and electrical connections. Table limit switch connection, 2-hp wash pump and convenient, top-mounted controls come standard; a booster heater comes optional.

This Energy Star-rated rack-conveyor dishmachine uses a 30-in. scrapper section (doing the work of a manual pre-rinse), recirculating heated wash and rinse tanks followed by a fresh-water rinse—all within a 94-in. footprint. The unit processes 270 racks/hr., using .49 gal./rack. The rack-activated final rinse provides additional water savings. Access the machine’s interior for cleaning and maintenance using 2 large cabinet-style inspection doors. Opt for the corner loading conveyor for corner installations.

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