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PRODUCTS: October 2016 - Special Advertiser Bonus

Edlund’s all-stainless Tomato Laser Slicer has an exclusive staggered blade cartridge which ensures a perfectly sliced tomato every time. The unique design of the slicer allows fast and easy slicing of even very ripe tomatoes, increasing productivity and product yield. A 6-in.D pan fits under the blade assembly, allowing for bulk slicing and faster production; heavy-duty suction cup feet keep the unit in place. Put the slicer into a standard dish rack—either in its fully assembled or easily disassembled position—and run it through any dishmachine to clean it.
Edlund Co./Ali Group

The Garland XPress Grill allows operators to increase throughput, reduce labor, allow for menu expansion and ensure food and staff safety, all while delivering the quality and consistency customers have come to expect from Garland. The XPress grill offers the ability to cook items up to 2-in.H, as well as 3 options for maximum output, including 12-in. single-platen, 24-in. single- or double-platen and 36-in. single-, double- or triple-platen configurations. It features Manitowoc’s EasyTouch icon-based touchscreen technology, which automates the cook cycles, allowing staff to focus on other tasks while food is cooking, reducing labor costs and increasing customer satisfaction.
Garland/Manitowoc Foodservice


Ovention believes how you cook is just as important as what you cook, as today’s patrons demand real, freshly-prepared foods. Deliver more delicious foods in less time with Ovention’s next-generation commercial ovens. Unparalleled cooking accuracy, unprecedented operational efficiency, and unmatched culinary versatility—all without the need for hoods. From amazing appetizers such as stuffed mushrooms and roasted vegetables, to perfectly grilled paninis and melt-in-your-mouth brownies, Ovention’s Matchbox M360 oven will deliver fresh-cooked goodness all day long—all in minutes.


High-efficiency Pre-Rinse Spray Valves (PRSV) save water but until now, you sacrificed cleaning performance for water conservation. Not anymore. The PowerPulse PRSV from Encore Premium Plumbing Products uses pulsating jets of water to power off dried and baked-on food in only 12 sec. The PowerPulse PRSV with 1.05 gpm flow rate cleans 43% faster and uses 58% less water than the competition. The PowerPulse is also available in 0.74 and 0.67 gpm flow rates for additional water savings. All spray valves are an easy retrofit to many existing pre-rinses or available as a complete pre-rinse kit.
Component Hardware


Eneron adds speed and efficiency to griddle cooking via a no-lift Steam Dome. The dome features a welded-on “water cup” at the top. Narrow channels and perforations guide drops of water down and inside the cooking cavity to create plenty of steam, minus the loss of heat and steam that comes with lifting the lid.
Eneron Inc.

Cres Cor has debuted a new line of custom Allergen-Free equipment. Studies show there are more than 15 million Americans with food allergies today and counting, and roughly 1/3 of them are children. A dedicated Hot Cabinet, Utility Cabinet or Refrigerated Cabinet can help ensure your allergen-free meals and utensils stay safe and protected from cross-contamination. Cres Cor offers full-door vinyl options in the traditional allergen-free purple to label your equipment as an Allergen-Free Zone. Consult your local Cres Cor representative for a complete list of all the models available for customization.
Cres Cor

CAST-X Circulation Heaters are unique heating devices—liquids stay completely isolated in stainless flow tubes. This design prevents contamination, but also has outstanding heat transfer. CAST-X Heaters are extremely efficient at delivering clean, instantly-hot fluids. Several compact models are available (as small as 2-in.W x 6-in.H), easily fitting into dispensing units, cleaning machines and fluid handling systems. Available with moisture-proof enclosures and multiple volt and watt profiles. Applications include water heating and steam generation; beverage heating and dispensing; pasteurization and disinfecting; and glycol heating.
Cast Aluminum Solutions

The BKON Craft Brewer’s patented Reverse Atmospheric Infusion (RAIN) technology uses precisely controlled vacuum infusion cycles to extract the purest, natural flavor concentrates from loose-leaf teas, coffees or botanicals. It can produce up to 30 20-oz. servings per hr. and brews in 1/3 the time of traditional brewing. The BKON Craft Brewer’s touchscreen interface stores hundreds of pre-programmed recipes so the barista, chef or bartender can consistently brew premium loose-leaf tea, single-origin coffee, botanical water and spirits every time. It’s an attractive and repeatable means to grow business for those already in or considering the craft beverage business.
Franke Foodservice Systems

Introducing the newest advancement in the Everpure Claris family of filtration systems by Pentair—Claris Prime. This high capacity, adjustable ion-selective filter cartridge was designed specifically for specialty coffee and steam applications. A key differentiator sets Claris Prime apart from other Everpure and Claris cartridges—its tailored adjustment of TDS, chloride and sulphate levels. This allows for the precise adjustment and consistent control of the water recipe, ideal for coffee and espresso applications. The tailored adjustment also helps protect equipment from scale and mineral-induced corrosion.
Pentair Everpure


Cooking better food with less oil—that’s the inspiration behind the Evolution Elite open fryer with Smart Touch Filtration from Henny Penny. This family of reduced oil-capacity fryers uses 40% less oil than regular open fryers and lets you filter any vat any time at the touch of a button. Fast recovery, automatic oil top-off and easy-to-use controls mean you’re saving time, energy and labor with every batch.
Henny Penny


Ignitor Labs offers virtual training solutions for operating, maintaining and servicing foodservice equipment. The 4 platforms are ProTECH, PocketTECH, PreTECH and Partifi. The company serves as one of the industry’s leaders in building and implementing interactive online training courses and field reference materials to complement any in-house training program. Ignitor Labs works with you to provide an anytime, anywhere, any device, mobile-friendly method for delivering your training that saves time and money. Your expert knowledge partnered with the company’s best practice online learning expertise makes a powerful statement about your brand and commitment to service support.
Ignitor Labs

Elite’s new Horizon Slate serving platters combine the elegant matte texture of slate with the glossy sophistication of marble. Made from 100% food-safe melamine, the Horizon Slate series will provide an enhanced presentation to any buffet, deli, dessert case or catering event. Not the right size? Custom sizes are available with low minimums, just contact the company’s design team who have expert knowledge in your foodservice category.
Elite Global Solutions

These 1-piece outdoor walk-ins free up your restaurant’s valuable kitchen space. Sporting seamless fabrication, factory build and fast-track installation, these walk-ins provide a convenient and cost effective alternative to traditional bricks-and-mortar construction. Create a unit with separate freezer, cooler and dry-storage compartments—all confi gured to give you the optimum capacity for your inventories. With multiple manufacturing facilities around the country, ICS is conveniently located near your next new build or remodel.
International Cold Storage


Now available in multiple models, ThermalRite’s Vacuum Sealers are reliable vacuum-sealing machines, capable of meeting most medium- to high-volume portion control, product storage and other foodservice needs. By providing a practical and economical way of storing food—in liquid, solid or cream form—these machines can extend the shelf life by up to 5 times longer than conventional cooling or freezing methods.

Halton specifi cally designed the Jet Extraction System (JES) for front-of-house cooking areas or architectural cooking concepts integrating electric appliances with medium input power. Halton’s JES is highly effective, providing full capture and containment thanks to the synergy of several features: capture close to the cooking appliances without obstructing sightlines; 1 or more nozzles generating a powerful aspiration cyclone; and a glass plate that is suspended over the cooking surface, increasing the capture efficiency of the cyclone(s).

Montague’s Technostar line offers today’s chefs a wide range of features including performance burners, angle iron frames, counterbalanced doors and smooth-glide grates. These powerful ranges add maximum performance to any professional kitchen. Chefs like it hot and Montague Technostar delivers on technology, power and design. Technostar fulfills a full array of equipment needs: counter units, fryers, underfired and low-profile broilers, cheesemelters, salamanders, ranges and ovens. Respected and requested by top chefs from around the world, Montague continues to manufacture foodservice equipment that’s built to perform.
Montague Co.


Nemco’s PaniniPro high-speed sandwich press gives super-busy and space-restrictive foodservice operations exactly what they need to break into the hot-sandwich market. With simultaneous conduction and microwave heating, the press turns out sandwiches in about 60 sec. Programmable, push-button electronic controls ensure heating consistency from sandwich to sandwich, employee to employee, while a built-in USB port makes reprogramming for a menu change a simple process. This compact workhorse takes little time and space to expand your menu and serve toasty paninis, ciabatta-bread sandwiches, quesadillas, burritos, Cuban wraps and more.
Nemco Food Equipment

The Merrychef eikon e2s is a small high-speed oven with big cooking performance. It’s igniting excitement among foodservice professionals who want to prepare fresh, hot food on demand with the flexibility to change menu items without losing valuable kitchen space. It’s available as the eikon e2s Classic in traditional Merrychef design and the eikon e2s Trend, with color-coded exterior, soft edges and smallware storage on top. The eikon e2s received a 2016 NRA Kitchen Innovations Award.
Merrychef/Manitowoc Foodservice


Created to meet the demands of high-end facilities, the fully-customized thermaline M2M—Made To Measure cooking suite features more than 40 different equipment options to suit your preferences. Produced in Switzerland, the cooking suite can include open burners, electric griddles, free-cooking tops, aquacookers, charbroilers, fryers, pass-thru ovens, warming cabinets and refrigerated and freezer bases.
Electrolux Professional


Vollrath, a leading manufacturer of foodservice equipment and smallwares for the foodservice industry, has a new line-up of Italian designed and engineered electric slicers suited for virtually any need. Vollrath’s medium-duty slicers save counter space, while the deluxe deli-style slicer continuously slices meats and cheeses for high-volume operations. Ideal for a catering business, restaurant, deli or supermarket, each of the high-quality slicers are belt-driven with built-in sharpeners designed and manufactured to NSF/ANSI 8 standards for leading performance and durability.
The Vollrath Co.


Tomlinson’s range of cast iron products, including miniature pans and containers, fajita platters, jumbo servers and more, bring versatile, eye-catching utility to any foodservice operation. Serving platters and underliners allow food to go directly from kitchen to table for a dynamic, sizzling presentation. Choose from an array of sizes and shapes, all providing high impact in a small footprint. Perfect for the small plate or for communal dining, these pieces make sharing easier than ever and encourage customers to sample multiple menu items. Each cast iron piece is pre-seasoned and has a heat threshold of 1,700°F. Wooden underliners are sold separately.
Tomlinson Industries


Turbo Air’s Radiance line of restaurant equipment offers dough conditioners, including model RBDC-S2236 with an LCD display. Equipment highlights include a moisture care system which maintains moisture and provides optimal conditions for the dough during the 4-stage fermentation process. This new and highly anticipated unit also comes with an energy efficient freezer compressor that saves electricity by 10% compared to other similar models. The fully insulated, completely sealed 2-door unit holds 36 racks (18 on top, 18 on bottom), which remove for efficient cleaning, and even includes field reversible doors. This new dough conditioner offers huge value to bakery businesses.
Turbo Air


Salvajor’s Scrap Collector and Pot/Pan Scrap Collector now come standard with patented sensor technology. The sensor detects the presence of the operator. Auto Start mode puts the Collector into standby if the operator leaves for longer than 4 sec., using no water and negligible electricity. When the operator returns, the Collector returns to normal operation. Water Saving mode uses only 0.5 gpm of fresh water if the operator leaves and includes an adjustable timer that will shut down the Collector if the operator doesn’t return. If the operator returns before the timer expires, the Collector returns to normal operation, and the timer resets.
Salvajor Co.


Server has redesigned and expanded its EZTopper line of pouched topping warmers to meet many operational needs. Available in a number of sizes and options, the U.S.-made, EZ-Topper dispenses precise portions from a pouch with a fitment for a sealed, contaminant-free dispensing system. Plus, they’re better for the environment as they deliver up to 98% product evacuation; less waste means bigger profits. EZTopper warmers use a temperature-sensing thermostat to keep toppings at peak flavor by preventing scorching, and include a stainless pump that delivers trouble-free service. To eliminate downtime, pouched topping warmers dispense from 1 pouch while pre-heating a second in reserve.


Delicious prime rib can command top dollar and provide a great ROI. But because of the cost of the loin, waste from overcooking and other product limitations, many restaurants don’t offer it on their menu. Thermodyne specifically designed the Prime Minister oven for slow cooking and holding prime rib, brisket, pork shoulder, short ribs and other proteins. The reliable cook-and-hold temperature capability allows the Prime Minister to consistently offer the same product every day. Using Fluid Shelf technology, any prime rib cooked in the oven will never be forced above the set temperature, which means yields as high as 96%.
Thermodyne Foodservice Products


Specifi is a global leader in providing design and publishing tools to the hospitality industry. More than 20 years’ experience in the foodservice industry—meeting the needs of kitchen designers, restaurant planners and foodservice equipment dealers—has elevated Specifi as a premier digital platform for the industry. The Specifi digital design platform connects leading-edge foodservice equipment manufacturers with the most innovative foodservice design consultants in the industry.


Master-Bilt’s new Walk-In Installation Program provides a network of certified installers across the U.S. and Canada and guarantees all walk-ins and installations through the life of the warranty. The new program allows walk-ins to be purchased and installed from 1 source ensuring the process is done correctly. Master-Bilt’s installation experts handle all types of installations from simple to complex and complete the entire process through the start-up of the walk-in to ensure proper operation.


The WareSnare flatware retriever serves as a trash container lid while its magnetic bar helps prevent expensive flatware loss. It catches stainless flatware that may be accidentally thrown out with normal trash, except 18/8- and 18/10-type stainless. Unlike other retrievers on the market, the WareSnare’s magnetic bar is removable for cleaning, and it rotates to eliminate trash blockages.
Franklin Machine Products

Nor-Lake’s Refurbishment Solutions program can increase the efficiency of an old refrigeration system with new components or, if necessary, an entirely new refrigeration system. Nor-Lake offers Remote Systems, Packaged Systems and Enviro-Control electronic control systems to increase the function and energy efficiency of your refrigeration system. The Refurbishment Solutions program can make any existing walk-in like new again with replacement floors, doors and hardware along with panel upgrades, saving money and eliminating the need to replace the entire walk-in.
Nor-Lake Inc./Standex


Winterhalter’s PT Series rack pass-thru warewashers now come with ClimatePlus heat pumps, which take the thermal energy from both the machine and the air in the kitchen, using it to warm the tank water and rinse water. When washing with the PT ClimatePlus, the temperature and water content of the exhaust air from the machine are considerably reduced; the heat given off into the dishroom reduces by 75%. Every PT Series model comes standard with a waste-water heat exchanger. The PT ClimatePlus uses 50% less energy than a standard model without a heat recovery system.


Back bar coolers are designed to store and refrigerate all of your restaurant’s finest bottled beers. Eagle’s selection of glass- and solid-door models accommodate a wide range of bar setups. Door models provide complete access to all of your storage cabinets. A glass-door unit allows guests to easily preview your offerings, while solid-door models create a cleaner appearance by concealing contents.
Eagle Group


Accurex’s new self-cleaning Auto Scrubber Hood System cleans both sides of the filters in place along with the inside of the exhaust plenum. This system eliminates the need to remove and clean filters every day, dramatically reducing operating costs and increasing worker safety. The drastic reduction of grease build-up on the filters, ductwork and fans decreases fire potential as well. The Auto Scrubber is ideal for heavy grease-producing appliances, and facilities with long duct runs and long hours of operation.


Pitco’s Solstice Supreme Reduced Oil Volume Gas Frying System now comes with a 7-in. touchscreen controller. These fryers enable operators to reduce operating costs while maintaining high production. Operators immediately benefit from a 40% reduction in oil usage on the first fill up and at every oil change after that. The Filter Soon production-based feature takes the guesswork out of when to filter, and it’s easy to customize to the facility’s menu. An optional automatic frypot top-off feature keeps the oil in the pots at the optimum cooking level.

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