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This year, we’re planning to present not one, but two full Equipment Comparison features in eight of our 11 regular issues (November is our Buyers Guide). The editorial process to put these features together takes months of research, interviews and materials gathering. The goal: Arm you with the questions to ask and product attributes to consider before you make an equipment purchase, whether it’s a $100,000 warewasher or a $3,000 food processor.  We dig deep to find all the major brands in the categories, to include them in the interview process, to incorporate their model specifications into handy grids so you can compare apples to apples, and to present full Galleries of the latest models in the category with features, specs and photos.  In our research, we’ve actually found errors in official specification sheets and discovered new companies in a category! Some equipment categories we cover will have as many as 15 manufacturers, which makes for a lot of info gathering. And naming brands is fraught with risk—we have to be extremely thorough in our research.  No other magazine in our space names brands in its editorial or does so deep and thorough a dive into the equipment details you need to make informed purchases.  We take pride in making highly technical information accessible, understandable and most importantly, applicable.  Our average buying/ specifying subscriber is responsible for nearly $8.7 million in equipment purchases annually—we do everything we can to make sure your choices are sound ones. Look for us at The NAFEM Show; FER, Specifi Global and Ignitor Labs are together at Booth 890).  We’ll be scouring the show floor for new products and visiting as many equipment and supply manufacturers as we can to make sure we stay on top of our game so that we pass along what we know to you.

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Publisher’s Note: A Site to See

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