Publisher’s Viewpoint: Always Be Learning


It seems like I learn something new every day in this industry and much of that learning comes from our audience, the manufacturers and our editors at Foodservice Equipment Reports. This industry changes significantly each year, and it’s imperative we keep up with the latest trends and equipment. Our editors scour the marketplace searching out what’s hot, what’s not and what we should all be discussing in our workplaces.

It’s easy to fill a magazine with pretty pictures but much harder to create great, thought-leading content. Our online articles, newsletters, digital edition and mobile app have been huge helps in keeping our editors in the know about what you are interested in (clicking on), what captures your attention (stickiness) and what you pass along to your friends and coworkers (sharing).

Our commitment to learning and sharing information is best reflected in our equipment comparisons. True equipment comparisons are unique to us, helping our readers make heads or tails out of what is on the market and what makes the most sense to them given their unique needs and business conditions. If you have not noticed, in January, we began adding a second equipment comparison feature to our lineup in most issues.

And the learning does not stop after you make it through the pages of the magazine. It’s an ongoing process. As part of our commitment to you, we are excited to announce that FER's 10th MUFES conference, our biennial Multiunit Foodservice Equipment Symposium, will be held Jan. 25-27, 2020, at the Loews Vanderbilt Hotel in gorgeous Nashville, Tenn. This year’s program is sure to surprise and delight with focuses on a range of topics including equipping for delivery, robotic kitchens and the latest research from our friends at the Food Service Technology Center.

For those of you who have attended MUFES in the past, we look forward to welcoming you back for three days of technical sessions, networking and even a bit of fun. For those of you who have yet to attend, mark your calendars and register today here. This year’s event is sure to sell out fast.



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Sessions covered digital menu order design, unit count growth, artificial intelligence and more topics.


Media Gallery: MUFES 2024

FER’s Multiunit Foodservice Equipment Symposium is underway in Fort Lauderdale, Fla.

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