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ADA Tweaks To POS Systems?

At a time when there is some debate on how adjustments should be made to equipment-- including point-of-sale systems--under the Americans with Disabilities Act, the National Restaurant Association is unveiling a timely new guide to buying POS equipment. The “8 Essential Elements of POS System Ownership” and its companion “POS Tool Kit” aim to educate restaurateurs on buying what is likely the most expensive technology purchase for their operation.

The guide includes a POS checklist, translations of complex POS “language” into simple English, and a terms of agreement document to establish who—vendor or buyer--is responsible for what and for what duration. The “8 Essential Elements” series is available for download at

As to that ADA/POS debate, here’s a recap. Last summer, the U.S. Department of Justice said it was considering new ADA regulations to govern restaurants and other "places of public accommodation" to ensure accessibility in websites and equipment/furniture, in particular electronic and information technology equipment, such as POS systems. The NRA and the Retail Industry Leaders Association have teamed up to file questions and concerns with the DOJ. They are urging that accessibility requirements should be limited to EIT equipment that is being upgraded or replaced, or is newly installed. Their joint statement is at

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