Looking For Ways to Save? Start With Your Pre-Rinse Unit

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A pre-rinse unit isn’t the flashiest piece of equipment in your kitchen. And as long as it’s working (meaning spraying and not leaking), you probably don’t give it a second thought. But since you’re likely searching for ways to save in your kitchen, you probably need to take another look at your pre-rinse unit. Here’s why.

How your pre-rinse unit can influence costs

Your pre-rinse unit is the workhorse of your kitchen. No other piece of equipment gets used as often. So if it’s not at peak performance, this can affect your kitchen’s performance in a few ways:

  • Increase labor time
  • Use more water than necessary
  • Compromise food safety

Increased labor time

If your pre-rinse unit isn’t up to snuff, it can take employees much longer than necessary to clean dishes. Pre-rinse is a necessary step, but if your spray valve doesn’t have a strong stream, spraying will take longer than necessary.

More labor time means lowered efficiency, and lowered efficiency directly impacts your bottom line.

Too much water use

52% of a restaurant’s water use comes from the kitchen, and a good chunk of that comes from the pre-rinse portion of your dishwashing process. If your spray valve doesn’t regulate how much water is being used, you’re likely wasting a lot of water — raising your utility bills and draining your resources.

Compromised food safety

Although you make every effort to emphasize the importance of clean dishes, mistakes happen. And they’re much more likely to happen if your pre-rinse unit isn’t at full power. Food may be left on dishes, resulting in damaging your operation’s reputation (at best) or even affecting food safety (at worst).

What the right pre-rinse unit should offer

The right pre-rinse unit should dramatically decrease the amount of labor expended in getting dishes ready for washing. You need a spray valve that’s designed to remove baked-on, dried-on remnants of food quickly and efficiently.

You also need a pre-rinse unit with the right flow rate. Meeting federal, state and local requirements is important, but you also need to consider what flow rate is right for your facility. If your utility bill is causing your pocketbook to suffer, installing a pre-rinse unit with a lower flow rate could make a big impact.

If you’re thinking it might be tough to find a pre-rinse spray valve with enough power to save on labor costs and effectively rinse your dishes but still save water and meet flow rate requirements, look to T&S Brass.

The new EverSteel pre-rinse unit provides both power and savings

The new EverSteel line from T&S Brass comes with a spray valve that’s an industry game changer. The S-0107-Y spray valve boasts more cleaning power than ever before, the highest durability in the market and a low flow rate.

Designed for heavy-duty use in industrial kitchens, the S-0107-Y spray valve has an integrated spray face with a bumper, an SS hold-down ring, and a flow rate as low as 1.07 GPM. But perhaps even more impressive is the pressure: EverSteel spray valves have a max pressure rate of 125 PSI — the same rate as a small air compressor!

With all these benefits packed into a small package, it’s an added bonus that EverSteel pre-rinse units are made of premium, high-quality stainless steel that’s easy to clean, looks impressive and comes with a five-year warranty.

Learn more about EverSteel and start saving with the most effective pre-rinse unit on the market.

T&S Brass and Bronze Works, Inc. has been a leader in providing innovative equipment solutions to the foodservice and plumbing industries for 75 years — since 1947 — when it developed the first pre-rinse unit. With a modern focus on innovation, reliability and sustainability, T&S Brass continues to be the go-to choice for durable plumbing solutions that help facilities operate efficiently, reduce expenses and function without fail. Learn more about T&S and our products at www.tsbrass.com.


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