Parts Town Teases 2023 Technician Scholarship Program

Each of the $1,500 scholarships entail two portions: cash and a CFESA training course grant.


Technicians looking to learn and prosper in 2023 may be able to get a boost from Parts Town.

This year, the company is offering 15 opportunities for technicians and service companies to win a $1,500 prize—$500 in cash and $1,000 of which serves as a scholarship for a CFESA training course—for a total value of $22,500.

Each chance to win will coincide with the following CFESA conferences or events:

  • The 2023 CFESA Regional Meetings (with one $1,500 prize per region):
    • Region 1 – Redmond, Ore., Nov. 17, 2023
    • Region 2 – Chicago, Ill., date TBD
    • Region 3 – Cypress, Texas, Feb. 17, 2023
    • Region 4 – Atlanta, Ga., Jan. 27, 2023
    • Region 5 – Pa., date TBD
  • The CFESA Annual Conference, San Antonio, Texas, Oct. 8-11, 2023 (with 10 $1,500 prizes awarded on-site)

More details are to be released the week of Feb. 6, and those interested in applying are encouraged to follow Parts Town on the following social media accounts: FacebookTwitter and LinkedIn.


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