The Show Will Go On for MAFSI ‘22

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Courtesy of MAFSI.

MAFSI’s 50th annual conference, set for Jan. 23-27 in Naples, Fla., is proceeding as planned.

According to a statement from MAFSI President Tom Mitchell, the executive board and management and conference team thoroughly considered canceling the event due to heightened concern around the COVID-19 variant; however, he said they are “united” in the decision to move forward with the biennial show.

“Navigating this pandemic has been a stressful experience for everyone, and so we are truly looking forward to seeing the registrants at the conference. However, if you feel that you cannot attend, we understand and respect your decision and will be offering full refunds,” says Mitchell in the statement.

He went on to say that all guidelines for public gatherings in Naples and the Naples Grande Beach Resort will be followed, along with CDC recommendations. A signed risk and liability waiver will be required to attend the conference. Instructions on submitting the waiver will be released soon, according to the statement, along with information on how to request a refund.


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