Refrigeration and Ice Machines

BACK STORY: Refrigeration Failure? Perish The Thought

KLR Service LLC, St. Thomas, V.I., fix an emergency refrigeration fiasco and remind us that many problems can be prevented.

Mixology Stations Move Beyond the Muddle

The popularity of craft cocktails gives rise to a new generation of specialty bar setups.

Sandwich Prep Tables

Refrigerated prep tables hold ingredients at safe temperatures while your crew assembles sandwiches and salads.

Maintenance Tips: Maintainin’ Your Cool

Keeping refrigeration running right is a lot easier—and cheaper—than fixing it.

FOCUS: Ice Age 2

New Energy Star specs have spurred a slew of new ice machines that make more ice in less space with less energy and water than ever.

BACKSTORY: Bin Bashing

Don't beat up the ice bin

SPECIAL REPORT: Water Filtration For Cooking And Refrigeration

Cooking and refrigeration equipment have some overlapping needs. But they have unique ones too.

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