BACK STORY: Such A Thing As Too Clean

When a brand-new slicer seizes, Duffy's Food Equipment Service & Parts, Sauquoit, N.Y., proves there is such a thing as too clean.

BACK STORY: Dropped Opportunity

San Antonio, Texas-based Commercial Kitchen Parts & Service talks an operator through a repair to discover that when tiny parts go missing, big problems ensue.

BACK STORY: Steamed Over Combi Failure

R&B Commercial Service, Albuquerque, N.M., brings quality back to a restaurant's signature ribs when it solves a combi oven's mysterious steam leak.

BACK STORY: For Your Own Safety

EMR Co., Baltimore, discovers a pizza place is playing with fire when employees try to override the gas safety valve in the deck oven.

Maintenance Tips: Maintainin’ Your Cool

Keeping refrigeration running right is a lot easier—and cheaper—than fixing it.

BACK STORY: That’s Not Quite How It Works

Paper, plastic and other non-food items put food-waste disposer out of commission. Vanco, Indianapolis, helps the operation understand the "food only" part of food-waste disposer.

BACK STORY: Bent Shaft Causes Fryer Problems

A user issue leads to a design issue as well.

BACK STORY: Always Read The Directions

step-by-step training fixed the sludge problem

BACK STORY: Grease Gums Up The Works

Grease gums up the works

Back Story

The pan and the pulper

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