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In April 2011 we sent out a call to the major fryer suppliers, asking them to submit models that have been introduced or upgraded since July 2009. While a few suppliers are working on new models they aren’t ready to release, the makers below responded and submitted fryers introduced in late 2010 and early ’11.

All units shown here demonstrate technology that saves oil, energy or both, making them among the most sensibly designed frying machines on the market today. For a full list of all fryer makers, visit our Buyers Guide at our homepage.

And see our main story on fryers for spec and other details.—Ed.


Introduced in early 2011, the OCF30 30-lb. fryer relies on an oil-conserving design to use 40% less oil and 10% less energy than its 50-lb. counterparts, says Frymaster. The OCF30 comes in both gas and electric versions with full- and split frypots and built-in filtration. The SMART 4U 3000 controller offers such features as monitoring of oil quality, oil life, equipment performance and more. The controller works with you and for you, tracking filtration cycles and prompting you to observe the filtration schedule. An optional Oil Attendant feature automatically monitors oil levels and replenishes as needed so your crew doesn’t have to top-off manually. Meanwhile, the FootPrint PRO filtration system removes frying byproducts to extend oil viability. An open-pot design allows full access to the frypot for easy cleaning, which in turn helps your staff manage oil life. The OCF30 is available in 2- to 4-battery configurations.


Henny Penny added a single-well version to its Evolution Elite line in mid 2010. The single-well 30-lb. unit, known as Model EEG-141, cooks the same amount of product in 40% less oil than a standard 50-lb. fryer, says Henny Penny. With a footprint of 16”W x 32”D, the Evo Elite uses a SmartFilter Express system that filters a full vat of oil in less than 4 mins., and when paired with other wells, you can filter one vat while frying in the others. An Oil Guardian automatic top-off system ensures consistent oil level in the vat and replenishes as needed. The new model also utilizes Evolution Elite’s SmartFilter pads, which use chemical bonding to extract particulate and soluble impurities from frying oil. Like Henny Penny’s other Evolution Elite models, the single well is Energy Star rated, comes with multiple language settings, and is fitted with 10 programmable cook cycles. Options include auto-lift and full- or split vats.


Released in early 2011, a new line of electric fryers from Imperial features submerged, tilt-up elements designed for efficiency. These ribbon-style stainless steel heating elements feature “fire wire” technology, which provides maximum energy output with lower-Watt densities so element life is extended. These elements send an even distribution of heat to the oil by spreading the power across a greater surface area than the standard cal-rod style of elements typically found in electric fryers. The line’s stainless frypots are precision welded for durability, and the frypot design uses a deep cold zone and a forward-sloping bottom to collect debris from the fry area, which helps extend oil life. The fryer cabinet is stainless, and the door has a double panel for added durability. Choose from three capacities: 40 lbs., 50 lbs. and 75 lbs.


Several Solstice floor-model fryers are now testing SpinFresh technology, which helps produce less oily, lower-fat food while returning extracted oil to the tank for long-term reduction of oil loss. Developed by SpinFry Inc., the SpinFresh approach spins off excess oil from fried products before they’re removed from the unit. Automatic basket lifts raise product from the oil after frying, and then a mechanism to spin the fry basket kicks in. You can program spin speed and time for each product, and a safety lid prevents access to the stainless steel tank enclosure during spinning. Built-in acceleration and deceleration protect food from spinning damage. Seven of Pitco’s Solstice models are testing SpinFresh, and a field upgrade kit is available. SpinFresh technology was honored in the 2010 NRA Kitchen Innovations program.


Resfab’s CR-40ATA fryer, introduced in October 2010 and newly minted with Energy Star approval, is designed to reduce energy and oil consumption. Developed for high-volume frying, the 40-lb. unit features an automatic hands-free filtration system, which helps extend fryer life over time. Touch-screen controls allow you to preprogram idle temps so the unit uses less energy while not in use. Flat heating elements wrap around the entire inside of the tank to provide heating over a large surface area, and Resfab says this design leads to low wattage per square inch and increased oil life. The flat-bar design also allows the fryer to accommodate a larger basket than fryers with comparable footprints. As for filtration, you get an oil-filtering lock-out feature, which allows you to preset filtering frequency for better control of oil usage. And the filtering tank slides into the unit and automatically connects to the pump.


Introduced at this year’s NRA Show, the new PAR5 gas fryer is designed for high-volume frying and low energy requirements. The unit provides fast recovery, accommodates large loads during batch cooking and reduces shortening absorption, says Ultrafryer, while providing cooking energy efficiency of 60.1% as measured to ASTM test standards. Features include dial thermostat controls and pilotless electronic ignition. A Phased Array Heat Exchanger provides a large surface area for combustible gases to travel, which ensures more uniform heat distribution and low exhaust temps of 550ºF or less, says Ultrafryer. In addition, the PAR5 is equipped with an UltraClear Plus filtration system, which fits under the fryer and features an oversized drain and drain trough to provide for quick drainage with minimal clogging. A Fast Flow filter envelope removes sediment and impurities. The PAR5 can be configured in batteries of two to six fryers of 75 lbs. to 110 lbs. capacities.

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