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SPECIAL REPORT: Rack Conveyor Gallery

Welcome to this product gallery featuring the latest in rack conveyor washers. In June 2011 we put out a call for the newest, most advanced units on the market now, and the suppliers below responded with their submissions. More specifically, we were looking for models that had been introduced since September 2009 in an effort to bring you information on the most current technologies.

If you’re looking for a wider list of suppliers or another type of dishmachine, consult our Buyers Guide, where you can search by various warewashing categories.—Ed.


Champion rolled out its new single-source, gas heating system for rack conveyors at The NAFEM Show earlier this year. This gas-powered booster fuels a hot-water coil that heats the wash tank and final rinse water. In addition to being energy efficient, the gas unit offers significant savings over electric boosters, says Champion, and since there are no burners in the dishmachine, there are no factors limiting that efficiency. Boosters are sized for the rack conveyor ordered and they come fully inter-plumbed. When paired with the Model 44WS rack conveyor (shown here) you get the booster capability plus the washer’s one-piece cast stainless upper and lower spray arm assemblies, internal removable scrap basket, two-piece scrap screen, standard opening to accommodate 18” x 26” sheet pans and an anti-jam conveyor drive system. Other features of the 44” machine include automatic tank fill and Energy Sentinel, which shuts off an idle pump. The unit washes 126 racks/hr. using 0.98 gal./rack.

Champion Industries * 800/532-8591 


Introduced in October 2009, the EST-44 rack conveyor is available in high-temp and low- temp, chemical-sanitizing models. Its cycle of wash, power rinse and final rinse cleans 243 racks/hr. using 0.49 gal./rack. The 44” unit comes standard with HD electromechanical controls, an external scrap accumulator, auto-fill and water-level controls, and a table limits switch. The EST-44 also offers a 40ºF/70ºF electric booster heater as a built-in option. The unit utilizes an automatic soil purging system that filters wash water and traps debris in an external tray that can be easily removed for cleaning. In addition, the EST-44 features all-stainless construction and a 19” opening to accommodate larger items and utensils. Other features include chemical-resistant industrial heaters, a stainless injection chamber and easy-to-remove curtains.

CMA Dishmachines * 800/854-6417


Hobart’s new CLeR 44” rack conveyor warewasher features two cost-saving technologies: Advansys Energy Recovery and the Opti-Rinse system. The Energy Recovery feature captures the warewasher’s exhaust heat to preheat the cold water inlet up to 110ºF, which reduces the energy needed to achieve the required 180ºF rinse-water temperature. Meanwhile, the Opti-Rinse system requires less than 50% of the water and energy used by typical fan-spray nozzles but delivers strong performance, says Hobart. The CLeR unit cleans and sanitizes 202 racks/hr. using xxxxx gal./rack and features top-mounted microprocessor controls. Large hinged doors provide convenient machine access, and singular components make cleanup easier, says Hobart. Other features include and an energy-saver mode, dirty-water indicator, low-temp alert and delime notification. The Hobart CLeR received a Kitchen Innovations honor at this year’s NRA Show.

Hobart Corp. * 888/446-2278


Designed to eliminate the need for a vent hood over rack conveyors, Insinger’s VaporGuard removes all condensate created inside of a washer during normal operation and keeps steam out of the dishroom. Insinger’s R&D folks took a look at how water vapor is produced and found a way to stop it at the source. When hot, humid air inside an operating machine hits room temperature air, a constant plume of steam is continuously produced. To solve this problem, VaporGuard creates an identical cloud of steam inside the sealed washer. Next, the water vapor is extracted from the dishwasher cavity, and the condensate turns back into water that flows out a drain. This water vapor extraction process carries on during the normal washing and sanitizing routine. Vapor Guard complies with the 2006 Int’l. Mechanical Code, which states that all commercial washers require Type II hoods except when the machines themselves can provide their own heat and water vapor exhaust systems.

Insinger Machine * 800/344-4802


Jackson MSC has expanded its rack conveyor line with the CREW 66. (That CREW stands for Clean, Reliable, Eco-friendly Warewashing.) The new machine features the 44” CREW base model conveyor with a 22” prewash section that’s designed for restaurants and facilities with menus that are in high protein and grease. You get energy-saving features built around a large, insulated wash tank that holds temps longer than smaller tanks, says Jackson, and the prewash section has four wash arms that remove the majority of food soil before wares enter the wash zone. The prewash section features internal scrap baskets that provide 60% more capacity than the previous 66” rack conveyor, and a roll-up door allows for easy accessibility. CREW 66 cleans 218 racks/hr. using 0.32 gal./water per rack. Other features include self-cleaning wash arms, an incoming water-pressure regulator, digital temp readout and a self-draining s/s wash pump.

Jackson MSC/Manitowoc * 800/736-8144


Meiko brings its new M-iQ technology to rack conveyor washers. M-iQ features multiple-stage filtration that first collects food soil then flushes it out in high-pressure cycles to improve wash water performance and reduce detergent consumption. Meanwhile, an advanced airflow system significantly reduces the amount of air exhausted by the machine, says Meiko, and multiple technologies work to reduce the moisture content of that exhausted air. Operational features include a glass touch-screen display to access customizable information, and water levels are automatically monitored and adjusted during washing to make sure all food soil is being removed effectively. Any size rack conveyor can be ordered with M-iQ technology, and Meiko says these features also are available on flight-type machines. An M-iQ-equipped flight-type machine earned a nod in the 2011 Kitchen Innovations program.

Meiko USA * 800/556-3456

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