Foodservice Equipment Reports

Community Outreach: Manufacturers Donate Equipment In Alabama

It’s been a long, hot, tough summer all around the country.  A number of companies have lent a hand to communities and organizations; four recently donated foodservice equipment through the “Today” show’s annual “Lend a Hand” traveling charity campaign.

On June 16, 2011, Al Roker’s “Today” team presented donated equipment to Community Kitchens of Birmingham, Ala., a nonprofit organization dedicated to feeding the hungry. Hobart donated a slicer, salad dryer, mixer and food processor; Baxter donated a hybrid convection oven. Scotsman Ice Systems donated and installed two new nugget ice machines, and local dealer Bresco provided steel tables, knives, bowls and roasting pans.

“Lend a Hand” now in its 10th year, raised a record-breaking $7 million in donations so far for this year’s trip.  It began in 2002 as a way to jump-start smaller, lesser-known charities that lost donations as money was shifted to September 11 philanthropic efforts.

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