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White Castle Sued For Bigger Chairs

A 290-lb. New Yorker is suing his local White Castle, claiming the restaurant’s fixed seating violates his rights under the Americans with Disabilities Act.

The 64-year-old burger lover says he has complained for two years about his difficulty fitting into the stationary seating at the Nanuet, N.Y., restaurant.  His complaints got him coupons for free burgers and a still-unfulfilled promise of new seats, according to the lawsuit.

The New York Post reported that in the lawsuit, Martin Kessman cites the ADA as “applicable, not only to me, but to pregnant women and to handicapped people.”

The lawsuit is seeking unspecified damages in addition to larger chairs.

Separately, more than 50 of New York’s most popular restaurants will be reviewed to determine if they are ADA-compliant. Preet Bharara, the U.S. attorney for Manhattan, told Bloomberg News that his office will inspect New York City restaurants voted “most popular” in the 2011 Zagat guide.

Last year, Chipotle was sued by a wheelchair-bound customer who claimed the chain’s counter heights violated the ADA.

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