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Comments Requested For California Appliance Efficiency Enforcement

The California Energy Commission Appliance Efficiency Program staff is seeking comments from interested parties and holding a public workshop on the establishment and implementation of an administrative enforcement process for the Commission's Appliance Efficiency Regulations

The focus is on S. Bill 454, which provides the Energy Commission with the authority to issue citations and fines when provisions of the Appliance Efficiency Regulations are violated. Some of the commercial foodservice equipment that may be affected by this rulemaking includes booster heaters, convection ovens, hot-food holding cabinets, ice makers, pre-rinse spray valves, refrigerators/freezers, range tops, and walk-ins.

The March 23 workshop will provide industry members and the public the opportunity to comment on initial questions that will guide the Energy Commission in crafting an administrative enforcement process during the subsequent formal rulemaking process.

The meeting will be held at the California Energy Commission, 1516 Ninth St., First Floor, Hearing Room A, in Sacramento, Calif.

Written comments for the workshop are due by March 21 and should include the writer’s name and organization, pre-rulemaking docket number 12-AAER-1 and the phrase “Appliance Efficiency Enforcement Rulemaking” in the subject line.  Email comments to

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