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Winston Industries Founder Celebrates 90th Birthday, Keeps Working

On May 19, partygoers gathered in Louisville, Ky., to celebrate the 90th birthday of Winston Shelton, president and founder of Winston Industries. The nonagenarian founded the company in Louisville in 1969, and the family-owned business continues designing, building and marketing foodservice equipment there. Shelton’s daughter, Valerie, became the company’s CEO two years ago, allowing her then-88-year-old father to return to full-time engineering.

Shelton authored more than 30 patents as an engineer in General Electric’s washer division before leaving to form his own company, Commercial Appliances. The company’s Collectramatic Fryer was developed exclusively for KFC to quickly cook large batches of chicken. More than 40,000 Collectramatics have been sold and are in service in 109 countries.

“I’m very fortunate to have lived as long as I have,” said Shelton. “But when you have compelling work before you, as I have had for many years and still do, life stays interesting. You stay motivated. I love what I do.”

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