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July 2012 Tools of the Trade


Multiteria’s new series of mobile coffee kiosks takes your business to your Multeriacustomers. The kiosks are customizable with options that are relevant to your coffee program and will accommodate most automatic coffee machines. Made with stainless steel, these versatile, mobile kiosks are durable and can be tailored to your business with a large assortment of appealing graphic panels. The modular kiosks can be used for coffee, breakfast on the go or grab-and-go snack time and can fit any special take-away program in which you would like to increase revenue and participation. Roll it to any location you like and you’re in business.

Multiteria USA LLC


With costs skyrocketing for trash hauling, labor and water, disposing of waste canSomat be a daunting challenge. Somat pulper and dehydrator systems can reduce waste by 88% by decreasing water content and alleviate the environmental and financial burdens associated with disposal. When waste is reduced, less energy is needed for hauling and landfill disposal costs decrease. Somat’s dehydrator can reduce moist-pulp organic wastes by 90% within 24 hrs., producing a dry, odor-free material that can be used in landscaping. Unlike other systems that require enzymes or additives, Somat’s dehydrator works without water, enzymes or bacteria-based additives. The result is a cost-saving, environmentally friendly program.

Somat Company


Polycarbonate drinkware from Thunder Group looks like glass, including the Thunder Groupproducts’ elegant, thin rims. Polycarbonate is a clear, durable, impact-resistant material that’s far stronger than acrylic. Choose from a wide assortment of styles to provide a perfect, upscale beverage experience in clubs, at events, on the patio and by the pool without the concerns, cost and breakage associated with glass. From martini, cocktail, pilsner, wine and margarita glasses to ice buckets, water pitchers and carafes, Thunder Group Polycarbonate drinkware designs are unique, elegant, stylish and safe for indoor and outdoor use.

Thunder Group


Deliver the chewable ice that your customers crave with the Lancer Sensation chewable-ice beverage dispenser. The Sensation is designed to dispense chewable ice reliably and hassle-free every time. Dispenser comes in the industry-standard 8-valve platform with a 30” width. Sensation dispenses any ice maker’s brand of extruded ice. Multiple-valve options are available for self-serve beverage applications. Portion-control valves also are available to control beverage costs. Efficient LED lighting enhances presentation, while the high-capacity drip tray eases clean up and reduces food-safety issues associated with spills. Serviceable parts are located on the front of the unit for easy access.

Lancer Corp.


“Go green” with a growing line of Bamboo products from American Metalcraft. NowAmerican Metalcraft in 15 simple, contemporary designs, Bamboo serving pieces are an environmentally friendly option for casual dining. Among these lightweight products are Bamboo square bowls, rectangular trays and flat serving platters, all of varying sizes. Perfect for buffets, catering and hotel foodservice, the serving options are endless. As pretty as they are environmentally friendly, Bamboo products are a growing line for American Metalcraft.

American Metalcraft Inc.


Starter Stations are the newest addition to the Galley System from Galley Inc. GalleyWhat makes the Galley System unique is the integrated modular system, which has no exposed hardware. The concealed push/pull handles make the Galley System easy and fast to move, while the hidden caster brakes lock into place during serving. With no exposed hardware, there’s nothing to snag clothing. The mobile tray starter and silverware dispenser holds about 168 14”x18” trays and 12 utensil cylinders, angled for easy access. The mobile dish and plate dispenser holds about 240 9” or 11” plates. Plates are stacked neatly and tilted inward to prevent wobbling. The Galley System can be fun or formal and, unlike modules made of fiberglass, stainless steel, plastic laminates or wood, are virtually dent and “ding” proof.

Galley Inc.


Vulcan’s revolutionary PowerFry VK features the FivePass heat-transfer system, which increases production by up to 25% or more while reducing energy use by up to 50% (when compared with traditional fryers). FivePass technology maximizes heat transfer to the oil, resulting in faster recovery and cook times. Need proof? With the heat going into the oil, temps up the flue are lower than 500°F (on many fryers, flue temps reach upward of 900°F). Lower flue temperatures reduce kitchen A/C costs, too. SoftStart ignition system heats cold oil gently, prolonging oil life, as does the easy filtering from the built-in KleenScreen Plus oil filtration system. You get precise cooking with solid-state analog, solid-state digital or programmable computer controls. Energy Star qualified, PowerFry redefines traditional frying.

Vulcan/ITW Food Equipment Group


Hatco’s new FSCD Flav-R-Savor curved display case takes merchandising to the Hatconext level. The compact, two-shelf unit features a curved glass front to better show off plated food items. Inside, convected air technology maximizes holding times; you also can opt for a humidity-enabled unit. Flav-R-Savor’s annealed, 304 stainless shelves can be topped with Swanstone bases, while its tempered glass front tilts up on hinges for easy cleaning. A built-in sign holder is perfect for marketing messages.

Hatco Corp.


Server’s latest debut focuses on keeping condiments and toppings chilled and at the ready. Cooled by thermoelectric power, the Compact Countertop Chiller unit holds a single 1/3-size pan or three 1/9-size pans—ideal for smoothies and specialty drink toppings. Food is kept safely below 41°F, while the unit’s insulated lid adds cold-holding efficiency.

Server Products


Wrapping catering pans in mega-amounts of plastic becomes a thing of the past Catersealwith CaterSeal’s new Food Pan Gasket. The heat-resistant silicone product—think of an oversized, form-fitted band—secures pan lid to base, which together with a single layer of plastic, makes a tight seal. Other plusses: CaterSeal protects pan edges from banging against each other to extend the life of your pans the rubbery texture keeps utensils from sliding into the food and, during steam table use, the gaskets form a seal on the pans that keeps heat from escaping. Dishwasher safe and available for full- and half-size kitchen pans.



In May, Cambro debuted its latest upgrade to the Ultra Pan Carrier H-Series. Now featuring a heated door, this sturdy transport cart will keep food moist and at safe temperatures for up to 4 hrs. With a capacity of up to 32 full-sized sheet pans (or 22 large pizza boxes), the H-Series holds food at 150°F to 165°F using non-radiant heat that won’t further cook food and will retain all its moisture. A built-in 5” x 8” Menu Pocket allows for easy menu ID or routing. Energy Star approved.



It’s a squeeze bottle! No, it’s a barbecue baster brush! No, it’s a squeeze-bottle baster brush! Finally united by TableCraft, this unique hybrid product pairs a high-temperature-ready, round silicone brush punctuated with holes in its base with a squeeze dispenser. Say goodbye to all of those messy sauce brushes as well as the broken bristles swimming in your food. The sauce brush top fits 20-oz. and 24-oz. wide-mouth squeeze dispensers. Dishwasher safe.




The undersides of Safetrays feature a retractable clip that servers can slip betweenSafetray their fingers for instant stability. The trays provide far greater balance and security than regular trays and make it easier to load up without fear of spilling or tipping food and drinks. The base of the tray is injection molded with a mixture of polypropylene and glass fiber to create the perfect mix of grip and durability. A rubber overmold on the surface is a soft grade of food-safe rubber, which features a 5-yr. guarantee against de-lamination. Safetrays can stand industrial glass washers and come out looking like new. The product has just received NSF certification.

Safetray Products 

Robot CoupeWHAT A CUT-UP!

The Robot Coupe R8 and R15 Vertical Cutter-Mixers introduced at the NRA Show come with stockpot-shaped stainless bowls with adjustable 3-knife blade assemblies, letting you process 16 oz. to 14 lb. in one load. Both of these units can accommodate a stainless-steel mini bowl with knife assembly: The R8U has both the 3.5-qt. mini bowl assembly and the 8-qt. stainless-steel bowl, while the R15U comes with a 4-qt. mini-bowl assembly in addition to a 15-qt. stainless-steel bowl. The R8 and R15 also come equipped with a safety feature that prevents the machine from operating unless the bowl and lid are properly locked into position. A transparent lid allows you to view food-processing progress and a lid funnel allows you to add ingredients during processing.

Robot Coupe USA


Accurex’s digital temperature interlock is designed to automatically start the Accurexkitchen hood exhaust fans and keep them running while the cooking appliances generate heat. Acting as a backup to a manual control, the interlock will override the switch and start the fans once it detects heat, a great option in the event an operator fails to manually turn them on. The digital temperature interlock enables quick and accurate temperature adjustment via a digital controller with an LED display that can be remote mounted, allowing easy access and accurate control when you need to make seasonal adjustments to the temperature setting. Unit complies with International Mechanical Code (IMC) 2009 section 507.2.1.1.



Order-Matic, provider of sales, marketing and communications products to the QSR sector, is collaborating with UK wireless communications specialist Quail Digital. Order-Matic will offer a comprehensive wireless communications system including Quail Digital’s new, Q-Pro5 lightweight wireless headset, plus lane timers, speaker posts, menu boards and more. The streamlined Q-Pro5 headset weighs 3½ oz. and comes configured for single- or dual-lane drive-throughs from 1 base station. Headsets can operate completely hands free; they also have a sleep mode, saving battery capacity when the headset is not in use. The system uses a duplex platform combined with noise- and echo-cancelling technology to maximize sound quality for both customer and order-taker. Installation, technical support and repair is carried out by Order-Matic’s nationwide team of 3,500 operatives and a support center that is open from 5 a.m.-midnight, 7 days a week.

800/767-6733, ext. 2136


Edlund introduces its 10-lb. and 15-lb. Bench Potato and Vegetable Peeling EdlundMachines. The machines are constructed from food-grade, non‐corrosive aluminum alloy castings with sealed bearings. The cast‐in, diamond‐shaped abrasive serrations are patented; they decrease peeling time and increase yield. Those serrations are designed to last the life of the unit and never need replacement. Peelers are available in hardened, gray-painted or natural aluminum finishes. The machines feature a bench or sinktop mount; the water inlet and waste discharge outlet can be reversed to adapt to installation needs.

Edlund Co.


Thunderbird’s ARM-60 is a 60-qt.-capacity powerhouse that features a 4-hp motor and operates on 220V, single- or 3-phase or 380V, 3-phase electrical. Alloy steel gears are put through rigorous heat treatments to temper them for decades of use. The mixer operates at 3 speeds (70, 210 or 360 rpms and 3 more speeds are optional) and features a motor-cooling system. The mixer comes standard with a safety guard, bowl, whip, dough hook and flat beater for all your heavy mixing jobs. It’s 59”H x 28”W x 35”D and weighs 1,095 lb.

Thunderbird Food Machinery


Featuring all of the capabilities of the original Clymate IQ, the new Clymate IQ Baker model from FWE is oversized to meet the production requirements of bakeries, sandwich shops and pizzerias. Each shelf holds 2 18” x 26” sheet pans or 3 strap pans with 4 loaf pans per shelf. With this high-capacity feature, bakers and other foodservice operators can proof in the Clymate IQ Baker in the morning and hold breads and meats in the heated holding cabinet in the afternoon. The Clymate IQ Baker reaches set heat and humidity levels in just 30 mins. Featuring “Intuitive Climate Control,” the Clymate IQ Baker is easy to read and easy to set with relative humidity settings between 10% to 90% and temperatures between 90°F and 200°F.

FWE Food Warming Equipment Co.


Nexstep Commercial Products (licensee of O-Cedar) introduces its MaxiRough Bulk Soap Dispensers. The 33-oz. dispenser releases 0.8 cc of soap per push and the 50 oz. version dispenses 1 cc. The unit’s see-through window makes it simple for employees to check soap levels to ensure the units stay full. MaxiRough Bulk Soap Dispensers work with a wide selection of liquid and lotion soaps.

Nexstep Commercial Products


Metro products have been redesigned to increase efficiency. The C5 9, 8 and 6 IntermetroSeries hot food holding cabinets use 24% less energy, meeting the tougher requirements of Energy Star. The newest addition to the the C5 line is the T-Series. Specifically designed for heavy-duty, over-the-road applications, the foamed-in-place polyurethane insulation of the C5 T-Series provides superior heat retention, energy efficiency, and extreme rigidity, keeping food hot and out of the danger zone for 5 hrs. or more. The unique features of Transport Armour make it durable, take a look at the durability video on the company website; employees drop the cabs off a truck and take to it with a bat.

InterMetro Industries (Metro)

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