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Oregon Ops Delay Rule Requiring Cooks Wear Gloves

Oregon operators have delayed by several months a new state rule that would require cooks to wear gloves or otherwise avoid touching food with their bare hands.

In late June, Oregon’s Health Authority backed off implementing a rule that would have taken effect this month requiring restaurant cooks to wear gloves and avoid touching food with their bare hands.

Operators argue that requiring gloves is not safer than current state rules for rigorous hand-washing. Authority spokesman Eric Pippert told The Oregonian that gloves aren't foolproof, but requiring them would help prevent the spread of norovirus. The most-common cause of food poisoning, norovirus often is spread by food workers who do not wash their hands after using the restroom.

Another hearing will be held in August, according to the newspaper. Learn more from The Oregon Restaurant & Lodging Association’s website.

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