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Meet Your Potential: FEDA Offers Thirty CFSP, ServSafe Scholarships

The Foodservice Equipment Distributors Association is amping up efforts to boost its members’ professionalism and credentials. The FEDA Education Foundation will present 30 scholarships each for Certified Foodservice Professional and ServSafe certification.

Dealers who earn CFSP or ServSafe certification in 2012 are eligible to apply for the scholarships. The CFSP scholarship provides $200 and the ServSafe scholarship contributes $100 towards fee reimbursements for certifications earned in ’12. All checks will be made out to the applicant’s employing organization, unless FEDA is notified by the company’s president/owner to write the check to the employee. FEDA members can access the scholarship applications by clicking on the Education Programs section in the Members Only section of the website.

The FEDA Education Foundation also will continue to offer 20 scholarships to the University of Industrial Distribution. More information on scholarships for the 2013 UID program will be issued this fall.

Questions on either scholarship program should be directed to the FEDA office at 800/677-9605

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