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List Of California Cities Banning Polystyrene Grows Longer

Add Hermosa Beach to the list of more than 60 California cities that ban some form of polystyrene.

Earlier this month, the Hermosa Beach City Council voted to ban polystyrene takeout containers. The city of nearly 20,000 is in Los Angeles County.

The ban affects about 25 restaurants, grocery stores and food vendors that distribute prepared foods in foam containers. The ordinance excludes cup lids, utensils and straws and would not apply to products prepared outside the city and brought in by individual consumers. The ban excludes the city’s official school-lunch program.

Environmental groups say polystyrene is a main culprit polluting the beach and ocean. The product breaks down into small, toxic flakes that look like food to fish and birds. The goal of the ban was to eliminate the product from polluting the beach and ocean, but the ordinance allows people to bring polystyrene products on the beach.

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