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NRA And China Talk Food Safety

The National Restaurant Association has partnered in China with Ecolab to share best practices for food-safety training.

Representatives from the two organizations recently traveled to China, where they met with representatives from the State Food and Drug Administration, China’s regulatory body for restaurants and food safety, and the Institute of Executive Development, which oversees the curriculum and implementation of food safety and other training programs. Foodservice training is a relatively new function for the Chinese agency, which is looking to expand its services at both national and provincial levels. The groups met previously during May’s NRA Show, when SFDA/IED representatives visited the U.S.

New Chinese regulations that provide direction for the overall framework of its food-safety system were released in 2010. The NRA has agreed to share its expertise with the SFDA/IED detailing how the U.S. regulatory system works for food-safety training, supply-chain food safety and restaurant inspections.

“As the U.S. restaurant industry gets more connected to international markets, it’s more important than ever to focus on food safety,” stated David Matthews, sr. v.p. at the NRA. “The United States has some of the highest food-safety standards in the world, and we are excited to contribute to the development of similar high standards in China.”

The SFDA/IED also expressed interest in learning more about the NRA’s training programs, including ServSafe Manager, ServSafe Food Handler, ManageFirst and ProStart.

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