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September 2012 Tools of the Trade


AZT POS-8020 and 8080 are cost-effective 15” POS touchscreen display solutions that offer a great deal of flexibility and functionality, making the terminals ideal for retail, restaurant, grocery and convenience-store operations. The compact unit also supports various Microsoft operating systems including Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows CE Embedded and the latest version of Windows Embedded, POSReady. AZT POS terminals come with a 3-year warranty with all repairs done in-house in the company’s California service center. The terminals feature sturdy and robust bases and screens with 1024 x 768 resolution that tilt up vertically 90°. They are equipped with 3-track magnetic stripe readers. 1 GB memory comes standard.

949/336-6666, Ext. 233


Looking to transform your table? Innovative designs for table service by Steelforme are trendy and fun. Designed to be hardworking tools for business owners and appealing to clientele, these designs are durable while evoking a passion for food. Made of brushed or mirror stainless steel, a sophisticated, modern and airy design is matched on the following pieces: sugar caddy, sugar-stick holder, bread basket, breadstick holder, flower vase, candle holder, napkin rings, 3-compartment snack bowl, salt-and-pepper caddy and more. The contemporary bread and fruit baskets can be nested inside one another to maximize storage. Dishwasher safe.

Steelforme/Service Ideas, Inc.


Star-Max Vertical Broilers are designed for display cooking and built for quick-service and Mediterranean-style restaurants. Star broilers provide high-performance broiling for crisp, juicy and flavorful results and are perfect for diverse menus. Fully adjustable rotisserie for a wide variety of protein products and sizes from 5 to 45 lb. An adjustable heat shield efficiently directs heat, and easy disassembly allows for quick cleanup.

Star Mfg.


Accurex kitchen hoods now can be specified with environmentally friendly LED lighting. LED lights consume less energy compared with incandescent or fluorescent bulbs. The longer life expectancy and low maintenance of LED lights equate to a reduction in bulb replacement costs and decreased operating costs. LED lights also provide abundant, warm white lighting for safe, accurate food preparation.

Accurex/A Greenheck Co.


SpellBrite LED Signage System by Optiva Signs is an affordable alternative to custom neon. For half the cost of neon, but with all the striking brightness, create any message you want from among 43 6”-high letters, characters and numbers. The patent-pending interlocking system makes it easy to assemble in minutes, and the lightweight design allows placement virtually anywhere—plus you can move the sign anytime. Multiple dimming and animation effects are possible, and LED technology means maintenance-free long life, low energy costs, increased durability and safety. SpellBrite offers next-day availability and currently is available in red; other colors to be offered soon.

Optiva Signs


Designed with curb appeal, the new Retro Kettle Stock Pot Rethermalizers by Vollrath also deliver performance and durability. Sleek, retro styling, a cool-to-the-touch exterior and five bright color options make the pot an attractive option for showcasing products such as chili, soups and stews. The 120V Retro Kettle Stock Pot Rethermalizers are offered complete with a 7- or 11-qt. inset, cover with hinge (not NSF), soup cards and a soup-card holder. A ceramic base element and thermostatic control ensure a fast startup and precise, consistent performance. Sturdy handles make the units easy to transport and handle. The rethermalizers are NSF certified, U.S. and Canada UL.



Made in Germany, this line of knives is forged from high-quality stainless. The well-shaped and ergonomically designed handle is made of heavy-duty plastic that seamlessly connects to the blade’s tang. The knives are perfectly balanced, and the handles are shaped to lie comfortably in the hand. Double final honing ensures an exceptional sharpness. Clean the knives by hand under flowing water and wipe them dry afterward carefully by using a soft cloth. This way, the fine final honing will be preserved, and the sharpness of the knives will be prolonged. Choose from steak, bread, paring, serrated utility, slicer, fillet, chef’s knives and more. 

Friedr. Dick


The new Digital Countertop Impinger (CTI) 2500 Series conveyor ovens by Lincoln have been updated with a digital touchpad as a standard feature. Located on the front of the oven, the new push-button control panel gives operators the ability to set conveyor direction, speed and temperature easily. Also featured are four preset menu buttons with digital time and temperature display. Lincoln’s 1300 and new 2500 Series are small enough to fit on most commercial countertops but large enough to replace a half-sized convection oven. The CTI uses a 16”W conveyor belt, 20”W baking chamber and can be stacked two high. Temperatures range from 90°F to 600°F. Adjustable conveyor speeds range from 30 sec. to 15 min. of cook time.



Add the finishing touches to entrees and appetizers instantly with Insta-Therm finishing oven by Merco. No pre-heating required as the Insta-Therm is contact-actuated for energy savings and heats instantly. Constructed of high-quality stainless, the Insta-Therm features a large 4”H x 18”W product opening with open access from both sides for pass-through applications. The Insta-Therm is controlled via a simple on/off switch. Indicator lights illuminate on both cook and server side when the Insta-Therm is on. The quartz heating elements eliminate pre-heating. The small 9½”H x 23¾”W x 14”D footprint allows the Insta-Therm to fit in small operations without taking up too much space.



Food Warming Equipment (FWE) introduces its latest innovation in foodservice equipment with the HMC-230 Chip Warmer. This 28¼”H x 25”W x 25½”D warmer features flip-up-and-down Lexan doors and has a 2 1/3-cu.-ft. capacity. Snap-lock hinges keep doors open so hands are free to load, serve and refill bulk tortilla chips, nacho chips, popcorn or peanuts. FWE also has an all-stainless Machine Stand that works in conjunction with the Chip Warmer, turning it into a mobile work station. Side trays suspend in wing channels to expand work surface. Eight racks fit 18” x 26” trays to keep bulk food ready. Casters feature a locking mechanism to keep the Chip Warmer stationary.

Food Warming Equipment


Gourmet Dispensing’s patent-pending system delivers hot chocolate milk on demand from convenient bag-in-box packaging through a compact, efficient and easy-to-use counter-top system. The result is a high-quality product that commands a premium price to help boost operator revenues and profits. The indirect, efficient heating method combined with carbon dioxide (CO2)-powered delivery can fill 96 oz./min., 360, 16-oz. mugs of chocolate milk/hr. The attractive, compact dispensing unit is 18” x 24” x 12”, weighs 45 lb. and fits easily on a countertop. The system readily adapts to beer setups for convenient seasonal changeovers and uses standard quick-connect/disconnect hose fittings to the refrigerated 5-gal. bag-in-box milk supply. Cleanup is simple using a cleaning solution and water flush daily—similar to that for beer and takes about as long.

Gourmet Dispensing


Hamilton Beach Commercial BrewStation Urns are available in sizes to serve 45-, 65- and 110-cups. With one-hand dispensing, guests won’t have to juggle plates or silverware while filling their cups. The stainless BrewStation Urns feature a Dual Heater System that brews coffee using the center heater then shuts off when brewing is complete. A Gentle Warming Heater keeps stored coffee at a constant serving temperature without overcooking it. Even the last cups of coffee will taste freshly brewed. The tank’s handles fold up or down for easy carrying and compact storage. Plus, the tanks are corrosion-free stainless, so they’re easy to clean. The BrewStation Urns also have a Decaf Indicator that lets guests know at a glance when decaf is being served and a Ready Light that illuminates when brewing is complete.  

Hamilton Beach Commercial

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