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California Update: Playground Bill Vetoed, Homemade Food Sales Okayed

California Gov. Jerry Brown has vetoed a bill that would expand food-safety laws to cover indoor and outdoor playgrounds at quick-service restaurants. Brown cited a lack of evidence that the sanitation problems require a new state law and stated that current regulations enforced by local health jurisdictions are sufficient.

Under AB1513, restaurants would have been required to post signs informing customers that food is not allowed on play structures and to provide adults who ask with copies of their playground inspection and cleaning plans.

The governor did sign a bill that would decriminalize the actions of home-based cooks who sell homemade food at local stores and farmer's markets.

AB1616, known as the Homemade Food Act, will lift restrictions on the sale of home-cooked goods and impose sanitation and labeling requirements on the burgeoning cottage food industry. The bill excludes products that contain meat and cream.

The act establishes criteria for permits, cleanliness and food-handler training. County health officials will have the right to inspect home kitchens and take photographs, food samples and other evidence as needed.

Thirty other states that have similar homemade food laws.

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