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Montreal Debates Food Trucks, Too

Food trucks, and where they roam, are still under debate north of the border. The Canadian Restaurant and Foodservices Association has announced its support of food trucks in Montreal, provided they follow the same rules and regulations as other restaurants. The association is encouraging a pilot project similar to those already underway in Vancouver, Calgary, Toronto and Ottawa to study the impact and popularity of food trucks. 

“The restaurant industry cannot go against the growth of its own sector,” said Jean Lefebvre, CRFA v.p.-Quebec. “However, a food truck must be subject to the same conditions as a corner street restaurant.”

The CRFA notes that food truck regulation should cover areas such as food safety, food handler training, sanitation, security and waste-handling—just as their stationary counterparts do.

Distance is an issue as well. “We are recommending that food trucks maintain a minimum distance of 100 meters (about 328 ft.) from any existing restaurant,” said Lefebvre.