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December 2012 Tools of the Trade


If Easy Street Pub & Grill owner Dan Brush told you what was in his killer Bloody Mary, he’d have to kill you. The Cedarburg, Wis., proprietor is secretive about the recipe—he’s only given it out once to a Chicago bar—but it starts with pepper-infused vodka from a huge, glass iced-tea dispenser with a spigot. Every four months, he drains the vodka and reserves it, but he tosses the mix of hot and mild peppers, tomatoes, bell peppers, cucumbers and more that go on top, thoroughly cleans the glass jar and begins the careful process of layering a fresh batch of garden goodies from bottom to top. A simple strainer against the spigot inside ensures nothing but deliciously infused vodka comes out. The previous owner handed the idea down to Brush, but Brush has since taken the idea and developed a second vodka infuser with fruits. This spigoted dispenser is smaller, and Brush changes the fruit out monthly. According to our bartender Cap, the fruited vodka is fantastic alone (we checked, it is) or mixed with a wide range of beverages, especially lemonade.


Any experienced diner server will tell you the very best way to clean a glass-carafe-style coffee pot between brews is to use a generous sprinkling of salt and ice. Add a little water, swirl the contents vigorously, pour out and rinse. The combination quickly removes oil residue or burned dregs that can give a fresh pot a stale aftertaste.


Perlick’s new Dual-Zone Wine Center launches at The NAFEM Show (Booth #3440) as part of the company’s newly redesigned backbar line. This customizable wine center features a factory-engineered wine-dispensing system and drawers for upright, open wine-bottle storage. The unit gives restaurants and bars the ability to store and serve red and white wines—in different temperature zones—by the glass and bottle.

Perlick Corp.


Energy-saving LED lighting options for walk-in coolers and freezers are available from Kolpak. LEDs also save money in bulb replacements as the LED tubes are rated at 50,000 hrs., which is well over 5 yrs. LEDs come in 48-in. tube and domed, vapor-proof light fixtures. They reach full light level immediately, even in the freezer. Combine the light fixtures with automatic light control options—also available from Kolpak—to maximize efficiency. LEDs are available on new walk-ins or retrofit in existing equipment.



Portable Turbofan E33 electric oven delivers 5.8kW of cooking power and a compact footprint for half-size sheet or hotel pans. It’s ideal for baking, roasting and reheating foods. The digital control version lets you set time and temp by hand with 20 preset cooking cycles. Icon-driven touch version offers up to 50 preset menu items and 3-stage cooking. The bi-directional Turbofan achieves even-bake results. The unit also includes a core temperature probe and 5 moisture-injection levels—no drain connections needed.



Delfield’s 6000XL reach-ins now come standard with the new energy-efficient/performance capable refrigeration systems that lower operating costs while holding food safe and fresh even in the most demanding conditions. Doors have been beefed up with new, reliable edge-mount hinges, a heavy duty locking system and easy-to-use, quick-grip vertical handles. Interiors are tough, seamless, easy-to-clean one-piece ABS interior liners.



Kaivac adds AutoVac to its OmniFlex Crossover Cleaning system. Available as a simple, inexpensive add-on to existing OmniFlex systems or as a preconfigured package, the AutoVac can clean more than 16,000-sq.-ft./hr. and remove more than 99% of soil. AutoVac is as fast and effective as an autoscrubber and is certified by the National Floor Safety Institute (NFSI) to provide high traction. The system includes all components necessary for complete floor care: cleaning, degreasing, stripping, waxing and more.

Kaivac, Inc.


The new Copeland Scroll ZSKA compressor (1 to 4 hp) delivers an improved energy-efficiency rating of up to 15% when compared with competing reciprocating compressors. Possessing a wide operating envelope from -25°F to 45°F, the compressor is compatible with a variety of refrigerants, including R-404A, R-507, R-134a, R-407A/C and R-22. The compressor is quiet and efficient, ideal for foodservice applications, including soft serve and frozen carbonated beverage machines.

Emerson Climate Technologies


Keep pizza toppings consistent and portion costs in line with the new EPZ-5/10/20 Digital Pizza Scales from Edlund Co. These new NSF-certified digital pizza scales measure in decimal pounds, decimal ounces or gram readings. The indicator with bright LCD display can be table- or wall-mounted; users can choose from push-button or foot-operated tare switches.

Edlund Co.


Chef Bases in the Fusion series come in 4 different stainless models. Walls are 1¾-in.-thick, and 4 large drawers with ergonomic handles withstand a minimum of 200 lb. weight. All drawers can accommodate 4-in.-deep, 12-in. x 20-in. pans. Chef Bases offer an exterior digital thermometer, with a temperature range from 33°F to 38°F. Each unit has a self-contained forced-air refrigeration system. High humidity evaporator coils are coated to resist corrosion, and the units offer automatic defrost.



Blixers are designed to purée, mix, chop and blend. The new line includes Blixer 8, 10, 15 and special sorder Blixer 20 (qt.). Blixers come with a stockpot-shaped stainless bowl with bowl and lid scraper. Patented, adjustable knife assembly provides efficient processing from 16 oz. to 14 lb. per bowl load. The unit prohibits operation unless both the bowl and lid are locked into position. A transparent lid lets users view processing, and a top funnel makes it easy to add ingredients.

Robot Coupe U.S.A., Inc.


Gourmet Steamer Trailer includes up to 7 steamers, 2 cold condiment trays, an ice cooler tray, and hot and cold water supply. Base priced at $19,500, the Steamer Trailer allows food truck owners to provide steamed food away from their trucks. The Steamer Trailer features stainless food prep surfaces, 3 large (12-in.W x 24-in. L x 6-in. D) and 4 small (4-in. W x 8-in. L x 6-in. D) steamers, a 5½-cu.-ft. electric refrigerator, hand sink and umbrella storage on a NATM-approved, highway-rated trailer.

Metal Gourmet


The new Heat on Demand Advantage eliminates the need for plate warmers. The Advantage heats the base and the plate to the proper temperature. By eliminating bulky plate-warming units, users get less heat and more space in the kitchen. Other benefits include 60 min. of holding time, improved patient satisfaction, fewer risks of burns and reduced energy cost. The unit heats standard 9-in. china plates, has a digital LED display and an audible alert when base and dish are ready.

Aladdin Temp-Rite


With a ½-hp motor and 12-in. dia., chrome-plated, carbon-steel knife, the Edge12 packs medium-duty slicing for an average of 2½ hr. per day into an economic package. The wide carriage span delivers a smooth glide; product tray and slide-rod accommodate larger loaves. Easy-to-clean anodized aluminum base helps protect against bacteria growth; the unit also has a removable carriage system and Borazon sharpening stone. Gauge-plate and carriage-safety interlock are featured, and the ring-guard is permanently mounted to help ensure operator safety. The unit is NSF certified to revised 2012 sanitation standard.



Hall China has chosen customers’ most-wanted items in ovenware and tabletop accessories for the Super 5 Express shipping program, all guaranteed to ship within 5 days. Most of the Super 5 Express items are available in white or bright white. The minimum order for Super 5 Express shipping is one full case of any item. Hall China also offers a warranty against chipping under normal usage conditions for a period of 5 yrs. from delivery date.

Homer Laughlin China Co.


The undersides of Safetrays feature a retractable clip that servers can slip between their fingers for instant stability. The trays provide greater balance and security than regular trays and make it easier to load up without fear of spilling or tipping food and drinks. The tray is injection-molded with a mixture of polypropylene and glass fiber to create grip and durability. The molded-on surface is a soft grade of food-safe rubber, which features a 5-yr. guarantee against de-lamination. NSF certified.

Safetray Products

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